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Early Book Reviews for Language of the Feminine

I love this book about feeling fully alive as a woman!

In my work with women, I see how they desire to be more in tune with something. Often they do not exactly know with what, but they do know, it is something other than goals, stress, to-do lists or to-be lists…

Jane offers such a rich palette for women. She invites us to open ourselves on a daily basis for so many different things that surround us by nature. It is an eye-opener on how little we need, to be able to recalibrate ourselves. She opens many doors and brings clear steps to help women find their own style, inner wisdom and inner guidance. 

– Marijke Derèse, Psychotherapist & Women’s Work at Essensual, Belgium.

The World is Calling Us All...


At a moment in time, when the world is calling us all to reconnect to the Deep Feminine within, comes this wonderful guide, Language of the Feminine, to help reconnect us to our true feminine power. Jane Cormack guides us to understand where our true roots are by using self-inquiry projects to reach a more trusting, more complete and truer aspect of Self. This is a beautiful book for all young women, women young at heart, and women encouraged to find themselves and their true power, at whatever stage of life.

—Sabina Rademacher, Coach and Facilitator in Leadership, Finding your True Purpose and Sacred Intimacy. Member of facilitators at Rising Women Rising World, Berlin.

Like Taking a Deep Breath...

“This book will bring you back in tune with your true essence of being and why you’re here in the first place.  Reading ‘Language of the Feminine’ brought me to a place of purpose, awareness and understanding; it was like taking a deep breath.”  

– Toni Bate, Creative Director – Indie Publishing Limited, Scotland, UK.

Just Reading this Book is Like Therapy!

I loved this book, a lot! Every time I sat down to read it, I felt at peace. The language is so poetic and sophisticated and the whole cultural and artistic heritage of Jane is palpable. I felt the energy behind every word in total alignment with who she is and the work she is doing in the world. The language, topics and whole spirit of the book is so feminine and felt soothing to my soul. For a modern women—who is too often living from her masculine essence— just reading this book would be therapy to bring her energies into balance.

—Nora Nagy, Health & Beauty Coach, Here & Now, Berlin.

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