About Jane


Through the power of female cycle awareness, nature connection, creative and expressive arts and witnessing, Jane inspires and supports women around the world, to re-connect with their feminine knowing, rhythm, creativity and power and ultimately, to guide women back to their own sovereignty so that they can feel a sense of home and belonging within themselves and in the world, aware that their voice, presence and purpose, matters.

The eco-system of my work intersects PSYCHOLOGY – Dreams & Life Symbology, RESTORING OF THE FEMININE – Acceptance, Value & Integration, MENSTRUAL & FEMALE BODY CYCLES – As Teacher, VISIBILITY – Relationships with Being Seen, CREATIVITY – Art & Expression:

All gathered around the central fire of our combined HUMANITY + DIVINITY = SOVEREIGNTY.

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Professional Background

After gaining a BA honours degree in 3D Design, Jane began her first business in jewellery and accessory design in Scotland.  Over the course of thirteen years, Jane’s work was exhibited in Galleries, sold in stores and design markets in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  She also ran a successful online business exhibiting her own handmade work as well as her originally designed handbags, jewellery, greetings cards, handmade poetry books and hair accessories.  Jane has worked on many private commissions and tutored in design in Scotland and Australia.  Her unique, nature inspired designs were featured in L’Oreal Australia’s, 2006 Calendar.

Jane’s creative journey and passion for travel led her to work as a freelance writer in print and online and in the art departments of the Film and Television Industry in New Zealand.

After four years living in Australia and New Zealand, Jane returned to the UK, to London to study a Master’s Degree in Creative & Professional Writing.  From there, she moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and launched her second business, ‘Rhythm In Colour ~ Cultivating Courage in Women to Shine’ teaching multi-creative personal growth workshops to women; they included voice and sound work, painting/colour, movement and dance as well as writing and meditation.

She has since taught and led many workshops and classes nationally and internationally helping women to listen to their own female cycle rhythms and embody their feminine essence; to connect to their power, pleasure and creativity and feel more confident and courageous to trust their intuition, step out into the world, create an impact in their own unique way, and shine.

Jane is a licensed teacher of Art of Feminine Presence™ and holds a BA honours degree in 3D Design and a Masters degree in Creative & Professional Writing.  She is a graduate of Business Leadership Mastery, has an huge body of experience in many different spiritual, personal growth and creative modalities and has lived and travelled widely.

Jane is the author of Language of the Feminine – Awaken the Source of Your Creative, Intuitive & Sensual Self available on Amazon in print and ebook editions.

‘Jane draws on her unique life experiences and skills which together with her deeply intuitive nature and sense of fun, allows her to create original, creative, inspiring experiences in her workshops for women’.


Life is a lived story. We all have our stories within the bigger story of life’s journey. Here I share only a small part of mine to share something of what I stand for. My loves, inspirations, heart-tendings, what moves me, thrills me, what calls me. Other stories unfold and emerge in the moment they are called out.

I believe our souls guide the way, and if we listen and move, we experience the life that our souls longed for us to live, heart-break and all.

Nature, Environment & Land

Everything I bring to life through my work is inspired by a deep and profound love, connection and devotion to and of our great Mother, our planet Earth and the land I stand on.

When I look back at everything I’ve created in my life, from songs and poetry, to paintings, jewellery designs, workshops, retreats, private mentoring sessions, writings and my book, Language of the Feminine; all of it holds and expresses my love and deep connection to this Earth.

Nature and Woman are intrinsically connected through our seasons and cycles. I feel most ‘myself’ in the company of trees, seas and rivers, mountains and moon, starry skies. Nature is home, it is rooting, wilding and is where I feel a deep sense of belonging.

Nature, to me, also includes our animal friends to whom I’ve felt true love, respect and reverence for. Animals are wise creatures who express an intelligence of their own and there is so much for us to learn from them (if humans can learn to get over their superiority complex).

The Language of Nature (a chapter from my book) is woven throughout my work and is an intrinsic part of Language of the Feminine Workshops & Retreats.


Painting, colour, design, style, interiors, music, food, creative living, writing, poetry, words, ecstatic and 5rhythm dance, movement, art, sculpture.

I am in love with the Creative Life and have always followed my creative impulses from beginning my career as a jewellery and accessory designer and maker, exhibiting my paintings, artwork and designs in shops, galleries and venues in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, to working in film and tv, as a freelance writer, to hosting multi-creative workshops and retreats, becoming an author and creating online programs.

I am in my zone of joy and divine connection when I create.


Rhythm, dance and music make my soul sing!

I grew up dancing from the age of 3 at my Godmothers Dance School. My Mother was a professional dancer who danced in theatre and cabaret shows and I would go to watch her from the audience. Then I would go back stage and feel like I was in a magical world of costumes, musicians, dancers, actors and actresses. It felt like home.

I tried all kinds of dance styles, but eventually landed on 5Rhythm dance because it truly is ‘movement medicine’ and brings me out of my head-space and into my body so I can listen to what is moving from within me.

I incorporate dance and intuitive movement into all of my workshops and retreats (including online) for joy and fun and for the deep medicine that the movement of our bodies hold.

Freedom & Travel

I come from a family of Geographers and travel lovers so exploration, adventure and travel run through my blood! I have a healthy obsession with world maps, globes and images of the Earth and our Great Mama Earth appears in many of my paintings.

I like to slow travel spending large chunks of time in different countries and cities to soak up the experience and learn about the culture, spirituality, food, art and psychology of the people of that land. Short trips to explore from these places are great too.

I’ve spent time living in Australia, New Zealand, Berlin – Germany, the Netherlands, London – England, Scotland and travelled to 30+ countries. Adventure is never-ending and there’s so much of the beautiful Earth still to explore.

The world is my home and there is no one place on Earth that I could say that I feel truly home. I feel drawn to different parts of the world during different phases of my life which are perfect for the next evolution of who I feel called to be and what I feel called to bring through my creative projects.

Health & Wellness

I’m into natural and holistic solutions for health and wellbeing. The cleaner, simpler and more natural the better for health longevity. We are whole beings so our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic aspects all need tending to. This feeds the garden of the soul.

I love essential oils. Organic, fresh and wholesome nutrition. Yoga, acupuncture and massage.
Cycle syncing, Herbal Teas & Yoni Herb Steams.
Spending time in nature, swimming in rivers and oceans, lying on the Earth and touching trees.
100% natural and organic botanicals, oils and body/haircare products.
Nadine Artemis’ book, Holistic Dental Care is brilliant. (You might think a book on dentalcare would be as boring as bats**t, but trust me, read this book if you have teeth! It’s amazing!).

All that said, I believe in healthy doses of indulgence and medical intervention where necessary.


If you like Yoda, we’ll be great friends 😉

I believe we’re all ‘spiritual’ by nature and connected to ‘source’ in that we are a human expression of it. I feel the divine exist in everything and everyone. Magic, Mysticism and Mystery are parts of its expression.

I’ve been ‘exploring’ spirituality consciously since my teens when I began sitting in spiritual development circles every week and have learnt a great deal from a variety of people I’ve encountered on my life path. The wisest teachers are often the ones I never sought out. And they are not always people. Animals and nature have been soulful mentors to me.

And my menstrual cycle has been (and continues to be) the most profound spiritual teacher in my life.

I bring the wisdom of our female cycles into all the work I create.


The sensuality of hands in Earth, of salted chocolate, the wild wind whipping my hair, the sun warming my skin, softening me, my body enveloped and caressed and tickled by the sea, the aroma of jasmine flowers in the warm air, tactile and visual delight in paint and colour, a soft kiss. A playful dance to sensual sounds.

Sensuality can exist in many things and many moments if we are present to experience life through our senses.

I weave sensuality into my offerings and invite you to explore too, be they through the colours we paint, the words we write, through the audio or video classes in my online retreat or in person retreats and workshops.


I’m a huge lover of music and the stories that can be told through songs. My first dream as a teenager was to be a singer-songwriter. I consistently had melodies and lyrics flowing through my mind and wrote hundreds of poems and a couple of albums worth of songs.

I have an eclectic taste in music depending on my mood, and where I want music to guide me.
Sometimes I just put the iPod on shuffle and dance to whatever comes on. I call this the Music Oracle (there’s a Pleasure Project in my book about this).

Sometimes, fun, funky and uplifting pop or Rn’B music from Stevie Wonder, Mika, the late, great Freddie Mercury, Beyoncé, the Scissor Sisters, Michael Jackson, a bit of Prince or Abba is just what I need.

Sometimes it’s Earthy, sensual, world music from women like Mari Boine, Peruquois or Jami Sieber or Kan’Nal.

Or breath-taking voices woven into heart moving songs like Sarah MacLachlan’s Angel.
Singers with rasping soulful voices touch my soul like Diesel, Louis Baker, Jamie Lidell, Ray LaMontagne and John Martyn. Soulful pop like Sam Smith, or pop-folk like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. Canadian indie-pop group, Walk the Earth do an amazing cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’.

I wrote a chapter on the Language of Music and Sound in my book, Language of the Feminine in which a few of my poems also appear. In it, I talk about how music is a way for the Language of the World, to communicate with us.

Music, sound and voice can move us so deeply, inspire, shake, soothe and provoke which is why I bring the power of music into all of my offerings.


As with music, I’ve got a pretty eclectic taste in films as well. Sci-Fi and magical films like Amelie, Chocolat, Avatar, Star Wars, Pixar Animations to nature documentaries like Planet Earth, and Jane based on the life of anthropologist and primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall. I love Foreign films, and French actresses like Marion Cottillard, Juliette Binoche and Catherine Deneuve who simultaneously ooze sophistication, sexiness and a general attitude of ‘not giving a F**k’.

My love of creativity, film and story inspired me to get involved in the film industry when I lived in New Zealand. I worked for about a year in the Art Departments of TV, film and commercial crews and eventually became Head Props buyer, before heading back to UK shores to study an MA in Creative & Professional Writing at University. I was more drawn to being the creator of the story behind film than running around finding props for the set (as interesting as it was at the time).

Ps: That’s Tarzan about to swing on his vine to get his Swiss Milk on a Swiss Milk commercial shoot in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand.


I’ve been a book and word lover since I was a child spending family holidays in France immersed in countless books that connected me with different realities.

When I was about 7, I created a story series in which my friend and I travelled to an entire world of my own creation where the characters and the land were all made of sweets or fruit. I could eat the boat we sailed in across the orange juice sea (not all of it, or we would sink). I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I knew that one day, I would author my own books.

Different books have influenced me during the different phases of my life depending on where my focus has been. Here’s some of my current favourites:

Natalie Goldberg – Writing Down the Bones
Sharon Blackie – If Women Rose Rooted
Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist, Eleven Minutes
Jay Griffiths – Wild
Clarissa Pinkola Estes – Women Who Run with the Wolves
Isabelle Allende books
Poems by Hafiz

There are so many more incredible books I’ve read, and want to read, so this list could be endless.

When you work with me, we weave the magic of words, poetry and journaling into creation.


I admire elegant women with grace and fierce intelligence.
Elders who embody their power and wisdom.
People of substance who grow into age with grace and wildness.

I’m deeply inspired by abundantly creative people who live inspiring creative lives, always pushing the edges of possibility and who do things differently, who explore the full spectrum of who they are and aren’t afraid to be afraid.
People like the late David Bowie, Bjork and Tilda Swinton.

I’m inspired by writers, artists and creators who squeeze the blood of the Earth, of their hearts and souls into creations that pulse with life. Art and beauty that feeds the soul in some way.

Some of the creatives I admire are:
Czech fashion and accessories designer Blanka Matragi.
Kirsty Mitchell’s art and Photography
Soul Artist Laura Hollick
My first yoga teacher who was in his 70’s and 80’s when I went to his classes with my Mum, my Grandmother and my brother when I was a teenager. He was a wise being, an elder who fully embodied his wisdom and a bit of a local legend.

My Grandmothers close friend who was a writer. When I was a teen, I thought she was the business – she wrote plays, poems, short stories and books, won competitions and ran a writers group. I was so inspired by her and many of my Grandmothers ‘alternative’ creative friends who encouraged me in my creative dreams.

A Little More Creative

Growing up in Scotland I spent years in wide open spaces, on beaches, forests and rivers, in coastal dunes and cliffs and in the wild mountains.  The earth is my home and I am naturally me when I am connected to earth.  Grounded and in my body, bare feet feeling soft sand, cold stone and skin dampened by drizzle, warmed by sun, hair whisked by wind, floating down river currents or jumping through huge waves ~ I merge with nature and I hear the Language of the World.

Nature inspires my words, songs and poetry; my visions manifest in video format, writing, painting, dance and design.  Travel and adventure are my addictions.  The rush of new experiences, exciting foreign cultures; the people, places and food.  The flow of new ideas, of buzzing, pulsing, creative inspiration; I am in love in this place.  I am living alive and connected to life and the universe.

I like Word Collections to express and focus the essence of what I do:

Feminine Leadership, creative VISIONARY women, a touch of feminine MAGIC & BEAUTY,art, COLOUR, wisdom, nature, HEART, courage, vulnerability, EXPRESSION, LIFE-FORCE, living ALIVE, music, dance, INTUITION, love, TRUST, confidence, ACTION, strength, PRESENCE, magnetic, Radiant, SENSUAL, Value, grounded, MYSTERY, roots, focus and EXPANSION.

What else do I like? ~ I enjoy sensual experiences, luxury, freedom, beautiful flowers, essential oils, wooden beams in houses, large cosy beds, trees, warm weather and funky boots and hats ~ oh and jewellery, I really like jewellery.

“Convention means saying no to your dreams.  Choosing to live unconventionally simply means choosing to be you” – Jane Cormack


Jane painting’ image by Kevin Thom, from International Soul Art Day, ©2018
‘Jane reading’ image by Ross Cormack,
‘Jane in hat’ image & home page ‘Jane dancing’ image by Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2018
‘Jane Meditating, B&W Jane in Nature Painting’ images by Anna Meltzer © 2018