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Begin the Year with Pleasure and Joy – Projects from my Upcoming Book!

January 3, 2016 @ 14:00 - 16:00

Women Living Brightly – Berlin – Meetup Event 2016


During this Meetup we’re going to focus on one or two ‘Pleasure Projects’ from my forthcoming book, (The title of which will be set soon!).  The book is a spiritual, yet grounded and practical guide that supports women to re-connect to their feminine essence and body, their pleasures, creativity and intuition and to trust the unique ‘language’ of expression that they sense within and around them.  The book delves into the world of universal communication and how we can use and understand everything as a language, including ourselves.  When we do become aware, listen and follow the guidance of this language, we are co-creating with the universe in a beautiful dance that brings us into alignment with the creative, feminine flow of life.

I’ll share and read some key paragraphs and points from chapters in my book all of which end with an exercise to integrate the chapter and see how it applies to your own life, I call these exercises  ‘Pleasure Projects’. ©Jane Cormack 2015-2016.

So to begin the year, we begin by focussing on the second chapter ‘The Forgotten Art of Pleasure’ and the first ‘Pleasure Project’ called ‘The ‘Pleasure’ Pleasure Project’ and the final project of the book called ‘The Joy Pleasure Project’.  We explore the differences of what pleasure and joy mean to us and return to an internal connection of what true joy is and what it looks and feels like to us individually.  We explore sacred, sensual and guilty pleasures alongside joy and inspiration.

We’ll talk about the importance of making time for our pleasures and joy and remind ourselves of what is true for us in those realms.  It can be easy to forget to deliberately and regularly do things that feel joyful and instead spend most of your time doing what you think you ‘should’ be doing.  We all need regular reminders to come back to our joy and to return to our love and pleasures.  And what better way to begin the New Year than to remind ourselves of what feels good and what is important to us.

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We’ll meet at Factory Girl Tasting Lab in Mitte http://www.factorygirl.net/

So looking forward to sharing and connecting over tea in 2016!

with love


Early Book review > “If you are out of sync with the world, this book will bring you back in tune with your true essence of being and why you’re here in the first place.  Reading this book brought me to a place of purpose, awareness and understanding; it was like taking a deep breath”. Toni Bate, Creative Director – Indie Publishing Limited, Scotland, UK.





Jane Cormack


Factory Girl
Auguststraße, 29
Berlin, Berlin 10119 Germany
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