Feminine Focus

The name says it all. This element of my offerings focuses on nourishing our feminine first. Plumping up our pleasure in all areas of life to awaken the vibrant, joyful, full, creative, sensual, soft and powerful woman within.

Our mainstream work culture is predominately set up to support our masculine ways of being and so our feminine element or essence is and has been neglected along with our ability to experience deep pleasure, connection and joy.

The resurgence of women awakening to the power and pleasure (and so much more) of their feminine element across the world is the pendulum swinging in the direction of claiming, being and living in the potent feminine so that we, as individuals, as societies and as a global culture, can return to a place of balance, moving beautifully between our masculine and feminine qualities rather than allowing one to dominate most spheres of life.

Miracles Happen

In Feminine Focussed gatherings, we learn to appreciate, encourage, support and celebrate other women rather than compete and ‘bring each other down’. When women gather together with this intent, miracles happen. Read the following blog articles for more information on how cultivating and turning on your feminine essence can transform your life:

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What Feminine Focus is NOT About

To clarify what kind of space we hold in our Feminine Focussed circles I begin with what workshops, circles and classes are NOT for:

Feminine Focussed circles are not a space for holding heady debates on the masculine and feminine, we do not analyse ourselves or each other, provide counselling or therapy and we do not hold space for small talk or complaining about our relationships.

The space is held to provide safety in an amplified field* for women to gather, learn, experience and share all aspects of our feminine essence.

It is asked that you attend events with an open mind and heart to receive the multitude of benefits that stem from these profound practices.

I look forward to being your guide…

Jane Cormack - The Art of Feminine Presence