How Bringing Back Respect for Feminine Qualities Helps You to Value Yourself

We, as humans, are highly influenced by what our cultures and societies deem to be valuable or not valuable – i.e. important, worthy or needed. If an entire part of our intrinsic nature is de-valued, this can be very damaging. And so it has. I’m talking about the Feminine element. The qualities we all hold within that are beautiful, necessary and right now, more needed than ever in the world we live in today.

Click the video above to watch and learn how to start valuing those feminine qualities whether you are man or woman and begin a new story for our cultures and societies that begins with you:

Learn how to:

  • Revere the feminine
  • Stop the ‘woo-woo’ talk
  • Appreciate the intuitive, chaotic, flowing, wild woman within
  • Value the wholeness of who you are

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  1. Very timely reminder! After just coming back from a staff conference on the ‘inner chimp’ where emotions were talked about in a negative way. It didn’t sit well with me, the entire concept and its explanation in this setting anyway – as I’ve not read the book. Ultimately I was taught that emotional thought is a lower form of life. Not to be valued, respected and certainly not revered! Anger built up in me and then that evening I got round to watching your video which perfectly explains why I was annoyed. Power to the feminine! In every human is a power, an emotional power which is in no way beneath strategy or logic, nor is it above they are equally beneficial and have a place. The dance between the two is the beauty. To be taught that one is inferior, in particular the emotions is so narrow minded! Literally narrowing the mind to just one perceived section of the brain. Let’s open our mind to accept both masculine and feminine energy, to gain balance, alignment and power.

    • Hi Stephanie, I love the synchronicity of you watching the video after your staff meeting (inner chimp is an interesting title for a meeting). It is sad that most of us in this culture were not taught emotional intelligence, however, things are changing. Emotional intelligence is one of our greatest gifts (and powers!) yet oftentimes, is not understood or seen as ‘chaotic’ and uncontrollable (and therefore often also feared) – but there is sense within that chaos – there is wisdom. I can feel the amazing power of your emotion in the words you write about your experience. And you’re absolutely right, the dance between our masculine and feminine ways of being can be beautiful. No part of us is beneath other parts since they create our wholeness. Fabulous post, thank you for sharing your voice (and power).


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