I offer private mentoring for women who require one to one attention and space.

Mentoring is for women aged 18+ to develop sacred and self-loving relationships with themselves. To keep the embers of their internal source burning bright.

Learn to love who you are, grow into you fully and learn to maximise your natural gifts and talents.

Through personal mentoring you can explore and gain clarity on >

Life Direction, finding meaning and purpose in who you are and what you do, developing a loving and sacred relationship with yourself. Feminine awareness, developing self-trust, confidence, understanding your unique ‘language’ of expression and your true nature. Awakening or unlocking your creativity, growing awareness of boundaries and blocks, personal sensitivities, menstrual cycle awareness and how to work with female body cycles as teacher, deep nourishment, understanding the language of your dreams, personal archetype mapping, your sovereignty.

I offer a compassionate, aware and loving presence, listening to undercurrents of energy and emotion that you may not be aware of yourself. I guide women to discover and listen to their own unique inner mentor.

Jane widens our perception on the variety of ways available to us, to find our own unique inner mentor. – Marijke Derese – Psychotherapist at Essensual, Belgium

Looking for immediate support and a sound listening sister?

45 minute Check-in, Tune-in calls > In these short calls, we’ll breathe, get present, tune-in, check-in and recalibrate. We move from head to body, heart and womb so you’ll leave feeling centred, grounded and clear to make your own next best choices from your own internal guidance system. That’s it. Short, focused and immediate support to return to centre.

Insights Follow-Up PDF > For me, the insights keep coming and unfolding through the written word. After our call, I’m still ‘tuned-in’ to your energy, whereby I’m able to continue tapping into further insights about you and your current situation. You’ll receive a PDF with further insights, unseen connections in different life areas, guidance and practical exercises to do to support you on your journey. Insights Follow-Up PDF’s can be booked in addition to our online sessions. 




Mentorship Journey

The Mentorship journey is taken over time. That’s why there is no ‘formula’ or set time-line until we arrange that between us. The Mentorship journey is ongoing until there is a sense of completion or need for rest/integration periods.

During your mentorship journey with me, you will have access to every tool in my tool kit as and when they feel relevant.

Mentoring sessions can include creative work, voice expression, feminine embodiment practices, visual journeys and meditations, talking, heart-intelligence, pleasure projects, menstrual awareness practice, energy work, sacred witnessing and a plethora of other modalities. We work and play together with the tools that are right for you at any given time…which may also include holding space in silence.

Fill in the contact form below to let me know you are interested in personal mentoring or with any questions you may have. We’ll then arrange a mutually suitable time to connect online via Skype or Zoom for an initial 20 minute call to get to know each other and set the intentions for the journey.

From there, we will arrange the regularity of mentoring sessions online  (60 or 90 minute sessions) or in-person (1.5 hours).

Get in touch and ask the questions that are on your mind ~

with love and warmth, Jane

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