Client Appreciations

The workshop I did with you changed so much for me.  I still do the Feminine Power (Presence) meditation every day, and I feel so connected in my feminine energy.  Tapping into this and the resulting power has shifted every aspect of my life.  I am so grateful of it!

Jobina B


The Feminine Sensuality Class was really good and still radiates its magic and I want more 😀
I am deeply impressed by your ability to create that safe space with us and how I could open up, feel complete and connected in such a short time. The evening was full of presents for me: feeling seen and recognised with my essence, daring to show myself, getting a feeling of being a goddess, trusting… thank you to everyone for such a wonderful evening.



There are some that do this work to heal their own feminine, and then there are those who embody the feminine already…and through their embodiment they activate that in others. There is a difference in the energy and transmission.

For those women who would like to go deeper into feminine essence embodiment, I recommend Jane’s Feminine Essence classes. She is a woman that truly embodies what she shares and teaches. Her work is in integrity with the feminine, I enjoyed attending some of her classes, and she is a dear friend.

Jane has such a beautiful gentleness, softness, artistic nature, deliciousness and creative flowing energy that just rings with real awakened femininity. Jane also embodies feminine leadership and her work is helping many women reawaken their feminine essence and nature.

Nicole H


Thank you for creating the space, preparing and facilitating the wonderful practices.  I really enjoyed the warm and intimate atmosphere and was quite impressed by the openness and open vulnerability that all women were present with, despite only having met that evening.  This of course speaks for your space and trust-creating abilities! 🙂 What you are doing is so relevant and what so many women are longing for.

Jesslyn Becker


Jane creates an amazingly safe space in her workshops in which I can truly show myself and dive deep to reconnect with my feminine energy. Jane’s heartfelt guidance is very special and precious for me and gives me the feeling of true support and sisterhood.  My stress levels always drop down to zero right at the very beginning.  She also teaches simple practices which help me to create this magnetic presence to have those people coming into my life who I really want to spend time with.  Thank you from my heart Jane.

Tanja-Janina Grosse


“Thank you for that amazing and powerful session.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  Oh boy am I still integrating!  I feel as if I have stepped into another world.  Everything feels different.”

L. Porter


This workshop is so different to any other workshop I’ve attended!  ~It’s a very different approach to connecting to yourself and solving problems.  I’ve learnt to own what I want and to not be scared of it or to step away from it, I’m very glad I came.




“Coming to Jane’s workshops have helped me to develop self-confidence, self-worth and connection with others.  I feel I am transforming and I feel empowered and now know how to switch on my sensuality and feminine power!  Thank you so much!”

Stephanie Salomons


“Coming to classes opened up a completely new perspective for me, it changed my perception of myself, other people and the world.

It was so powerful to feel the energy that we were creating as a group.

I felt before the classes that I needed a change in my life and during the classes I realised that the main change happens inside me, not in outside circumstances.”

Elena S.


Before coming to the workshop I felt nervous, but by the end of the day I felt so blissful.  I’ve learnt to allow myself to take in compliments, connect with other women on a deeper level and be ok with expressing my vulnerabilities with others.  Every woman should do this work!

Eileen Hall


“During classes I learnt that my awareness around being a woman can be different; I feel a new stronger feminine power, calmness and depth and I feel much happier and complete.”

Tanya B