Lilac Moon – Original Art


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Lilac Moon

Lilac Moon depicts womans’ menstrual cycles and how these cycles connect us with cycles of nature; of moon and Earth. On entering the spiral of menstrual consciousness, we can uncover our true essence and rhythms, and root ourselves closer to nature and our natural selves.

Our cycles are one of our greatest gifts and greatest teachers. When we learn how to tune into the subtleties and the knowledge contained in our cycles, we hold our own power in our hands. Our cycles are our keys to our personal empowerment and sovereignty.

Frequency: Feminine power, rootedness, back to roots, moon and earth, moontime, cyclical, woman as nature, returning home, menstrual intelligence, cycle consciousness, inner journey, primal, wild vitality, raw power, sacred, she dares.

Message: You are nature. Find your rhythm and feminine power in your menstrual cycle. Root yourself deep into earth and sync with the moon. 

Media: Acrylic, metallic pen, soil, menstrual blood on canvas. Cross-braced wood frame.

Dimensions: Length 36″ (91.5cm), W 28″ (71cm), D 0.8″ (2cm). This is a handmade piece of art, so measurements may not be exact.

Original Art Investment: £475

Postage & Packing: Local collection is available (Aberdeen or possibly Findhorn/Forres is applicable at time of purchase). Domestic and International Shipping options are available. Postage and packing costs will be added to the total amount payable. Contact me with your postcode (jane[at]janecormack[dot]com), if you require a postal quote to your area. Any customs charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Note: The colours you see on your screen may not be the reality of the actual canvas colours due to the different device screen colours this painting is viewed on.


Jane A. Cormack © 2019-2020




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