The Language of You is designed to inspire and empower women to know themselves at the deepest level possible so that they can create experiences, careers, relationships and anything else they want, from the truest language of who they are. We need more of the true beauty that comes when women are living and sharing their natural gifts at their own rhythm and in the ways that most make them come alive.

Maybe you:

  • feel scattered or misunderstood – even distracted and ‘pulled around’ by the times we are currently living in and you’ve lost touch with your own truth and what you are ‘meant’ to be doing
  • have a sense there’s a greater power/depth within you, yet you still feel some self-doubt and are unsure of how to actually BE that in the world
  • feel low in confidence or even hesitant about being who you are
  • yearn to be appreciated and seen for who you are and the gifts you are here to bring


The Language of You will help you to:

  • remember the beauty of who you are
  • communicate with confidence about what’s important to you and what you stand for
  • return to the feeling of being completely ‘home’ within yourself
  • Feel excited about what makes you unique
  • Be courageous and confident to be exactly who you were born to be (which may not be what you currently think!)
  • Realise the power of your own desires and intuition


6 week online adventure

The Language of You is designed to take you on a deep, yet joyful journey into the heart and soul of what makes you, you. This is a pilot programme for a pioneering and intimate group of women who are ready for an adventure; for deep exploration, connection and to be truly heard and seen.

This is where you will learn to tell the story of who you really are.

We need more women who trust themselves and their callings and who bring the fullness of their being and expression to life.

There is a living language within you, it’s the way that you receive information and it’s the way that you ‘be’ and express yourself. Whether you know it or not, you are always weaving a story into existence. And you are always a part of a bigger story.

We’re living in times that call for our realness. Times that call for living a more truthful life – a life that honours our uniqueness and that celebrates diversity. 

An introduction class + 5 modules + a closing session over 6 weeks.

We’ll meet for weekly live and intimate classes on zoom and connect via a private online group in-between as a valuable resource for the sharing and development of your experiences. I’ll also email you preparatory materials & an exercise prior to each module to bring to class.


The world is changing. It’s a ripe time for change in your life too.

To make changes that are in alignment with who you are, you need to learn a deeper expression of yourself – you need to know the Language of You.


Module 1: “Your purpose, is to bring the sum of you forward into the human experience”* 

Discover the elements of your language. Learn to notice how you receive that information and how,  who you naturally are, is your purpose. Who you are, is NOT what you do. When you know the Language of You, you will know how to align what you do, with who you are.

*Language of the Feminine – Jane A. Cormack.











Module 2: You are a creative force of nature. You were born to create. And those that came before you created. Just as we have an ancestral lineage, so too do we have a creative lineage. In this module you’ll explore what your creative lineage is and how this is interwoven into the Language of You. Knowing your creative lineage will help you to get clear on the natural gifts you possess and what makes you creatively come alive.











Module 3: Your body is a gift. She has multiple languages. When you understand and learn to listen to these languages, you are guided to greater health and wellbeing AND you are provided with all the information you need to make healthy life choices. In this module, we focus on the intelligence of menstrual cycles, movement and touch so that you can better understand the Language of You through your beautiful body. You’ll learn to listen more acutely and honour the gift of being human.










Giving & Receiving

Module 4: In exploring the ways that you give and receive, you learn about the ways you naturally give, and how this is a part of the Language of You. We’ll explore how to give from fullness rather than lack. What it truly means to receive and how to open to the abundance of receiving, while noticing if you have inclinations towards over-giving, holding back or blocking receiving. You’ll discover more about your ‘love-language’, (because giving & receiving is ALL about love in its many forms and not only within intimate relationships).










Home & Sanctuary

Module 5: In this final module we return home. You’ll explore what ‘home’ feels like for you and how to create your own sanctuary space wherever you are. You’ll learn about the Language of You through the things you do, places you go and people you are with that make you feel ‘home’. We’ll also explore the differences between what is ‘familiar’ and what a true sense of home can be. Ultimately, you’ll experience how to come ‘home’ to yourself and feel a sense of belonging with the language of who you are.










Join a pioneering group of women

This is an opportunity to participate alongside a pioneering group of women in the pilot version of The Language of You at a one-time heavily reduced rate. I’ll ask for your full presence throughout the programme and you’ll also be asked to share your experience in support of the pilot/beta.

This is a small group so there are limited places for those women who feel a ‘yes’ in their bones. If this is you, we’ll arrange a one to one private connection session to meet and see if there’s a good fit.

Feel a yes? > Contact me directly to arrange our connection session: 

What’s Included?

1 x Introduction class (around 1.5 hrs)

5 x 2 hour weekly live sessions together on Zoom

1 x Closing Session & Celebration! (around 1.5 hrs)

7 x weekly prepping exercises to bring to the class

A private online community space for connecting and sharing

Dates & Times:

Introduction Class – 1.5 hours – Monday 10th August (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Module 1: Purpose – 2 hours – Thursday 13th August (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Module 2: Creativity – 2 hours – Thursday 20th August (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Module 3: Body – 2 hours – Thursday 27th August (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Module 4: Giving & Receiving – 2 hours – Thursday 3rd September (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Module 5: Home & Sanctuary – 2 hours – Thursday 10th September (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Closing Session & Celebration! – 1.5 hours – Monday 14th September (4pm UK, 5pm EU, 11am EDT, 8am PDT, 1am Sydney)

Your Guide – Jane Cormack

Advocate of Cyclical Living – Supporting Women to live a life of beauty, creativity and meaning.

Through the power of menstrual cycle intelligence education, creative and expressive arts and rooting in nature, Jane inspires and supports women around the world, to re-connect with their feminine intelligence, rhythm, creativity and power and ultimately, to guide women back to their own sovereignty so that they can feel a sense of home and belonging within themselves and in the world, aware that their voice, presence and purpose, matters.


What Women are saying…

Dear Jane, thank you seems inadequate really but in the absence of any more appropriate words, ‘thank you!’ for bringing your energy, presence, insights and medicine and for sharing these with us.

I feel that all our souls have been well and truly nourished by your presence and I am very grateful for the tools that you have given to me to help me re-connect and listen to my deep feminine.

Sally Simmers, Loch Lomond, Scotland (Language of the Feminine Retreat participant)

I just want to thank you for all the experiences of the workshop yesterday. Afterwards, I realised I felt more ‘together’ and like a deep healing had occurred…transformative!

Caireen Todd, Loch Lomond, Scotland (Language of the Feminine Retreat participant)

I do think finding a mentor is very subjective but I’ve had plenty of councillors, coaches and therapists over the years and Jane has definitely stood out.  I think Jane engages fully in our sessions and is able to ‘read’ me and hear me in her fullest capacity.

12 month Holistic Empowerment for Women Private Mentoring Client – Edinburgh.

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We’ll arrange a time for a one-to-one chat to learn more about how the Language of You can help you discover what makes you, YOU.