The Language of You is designed to inspire and empower women to know themselves at the deepest level possible so that they can create experiences, careers, relationships and anything else they want, from the truest language of who they are. We need more of the true beauty that comes when women are living and sharing their natural gifts at their own rhythm and in the ways that most make them come alive.

Maybe you:

  • feel scattered or misunderstood – even distracted and ‘pulled around’ by the times we are currently living in and you’ve lost touch with your own truth and what you are ‘meant’ to be doing
  • have a sense there’s a greater power/depth within you, yet you still feel some self-doubt and are unsure of how to actually BE that in the world
  • feel low in confidence or even hesitant about being who you are
  • yearn to be appreciated and seen for who you are and the gifts you are here to bring
  • have been feeling disconnected from people, from yourself and from nature and you want to feel that you belong
  • tend to give precedence to others’ opinions, and voice over your own, even if your intuition is saying something different


The Language of You will help you to:

  • communicate with confidence about what’s important to you and what you stand for
  • return to the feeling of being completely ‘home’ within yourself
  • feel excited about what makes you unique
  • be courageous and confident to be exactly who you were born to be (which may not be what you currently think!)
  • realise the power of your own desires and intuition
  • remember how to think and create for yourself
  • remember the beauty of who you are



Cultivating Women of Substance

The Language of You is a programme that can help you through challenging times, and leave you in a place where you’re more aware of who you are, where to put your energy and focus and how to use your voice. It guides women who have lost touch with their truth; their intuition, creativity and calling, to recognise and trust their own voice, have courage to make new or bold choices, find their unique expression and to feel confident that their voice, presence and purpose matters.

I invite you into a space where you can re-connect with your ‘original-self’ – a space of depth, magic and mystery – one of creativity, tenderness and powerful presence, that ignites trust in yourself and opens you to your unique genius – The Language of You.

It’s NOT Self-Help – It’s Self-Discovery – something that we never stop doing.

This is an invitation to adventure into the often uncategorisable realms of being an ever-changing and evolving human, with curiosity.


What made this program so powerful, was being brought into a space where openness and vulnerability were not just requested of the participants, it was present with the facilitator. “Leading by example ” is the most effective way of making an impact and changing the world.

Liron Alon (Canada/Israel)

Access Bars Practitioner, Energy Healer, @journeytotherealyou

8 week online adventure

The Language of You is designed to take you on a deep, yet joyful journey into the heart and soul of what makes you, you. This programme is for a pioneering and intimate group of women who are ready for an adventure; for deep exploration, connection and to be truly heard and seen.

This is where you will learn to tell the story of who you really are.

We need more women who trust themselves and their callings and who bring the fullness of their being and expression to life.

There is a living language within you, it’s the way that you receive information and it’s the way that you ‘be’ and express yourself. Whether you know it or not, you are always weaving a story into existence. And you are always a part of a bigger story.

We’re living in times that call for our realness. Times that call for living a more truthful life – a life that honours our uniqueness and that celebrates diversity.


An introduction ‘Meet & Greet’ class + 7 modules + an Integration class & Celebration over 8 weeks.

We’ll meet for weekly live and intimate classes on zoom and connect via a private online group in-between as a valuable resource for the sharing and development of your experiences. I’ll also email you preparatory materials & an exercise prior to each module to bring to class.

We need more women who trust themselves and their callings, who honour themselves and their desires and who bring the fullness of their being and expression to life.

This is your gift and contribution in the world.


The Language of You is NOT for women who:

  • Are completely brand new to spirituality or personal growth
  • Are in a place of deep trauma – (please see a trained psychotherapist first)
  • Don’t take personal responsibility for their choices or want to be told by someone else what to do
  • Don’t’ like being in online groups
  • Don’t have the time to engage with the practices given, the live sessions or other participants
  • Are wanting to learn how to run an online programme
  • Are in financial difficulty whereby the programme investment would cause further debt or stress – there will be another time for you


The Language of You is a space for exploration and connecting with our inner truths. In this course, Jane beautifully holds space and guides us on a journey through space and time. On this journey, we rediscover who we are, where we came from, what makes us strong, and also, what makes us not so strong. Strengthening our connection with our womanhood by bringing awareness to our cycles and reminding us of what we already know to be true. I not only recommend, but encourage every woman to experience this course and to give herself a chance to fall in love with herself.

Connecting with my womb and creative lineage, both helped me to feel empowered and connected to something bigger than my mind can make up, which is usually negative and makes me feel bad. These practices brought me closer to other parts of myself. Parts I didn’t know I could connect with before.

Liron Alon (Canada/Israel)

Access Bars Practitioner, Energy Healer, @journeytotherealyou



Menstrual Magic

Module 1: You’ll learn to tap into the rich wisdom contained within your cycle* and how to fully use the intelligence that exists within you, so that you can bring your life into alignment with your own rhythm. And when you do – a healthier, more energised, and happier you will emerge. Cycle awareness is a foundational piece in embracing The Language of You where you’ll learn how to work with your own energy, rather than push against it and how you can feel more at peace with the ebbs and flows of your female body and embrace the ‘magic’ she holds.

*The Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle mini -course is included within module 1. For any questions around cycles, i.e. if this is for those of you post-menopause, erratic cycle etc, I answer all these questions in the FAQS section on this page.














Module 2: Your body is a gift. She has multiple languages. When you understand and learn to listen to these languages, you are guided to greater health and wellbeing AND you are provided with all the information you need to make healthy life choices. In this module, we weave the intelligence of menstrual cycles with movement and touch so that you can better understand the Language of You through your beautiful body. You’ll learn to listen more acutely and honour the gift of being human.












Ancestral Gold

Module 3: Our Ancestral lineages are rich with information about who we are, why we are the way we are, the gifts, quirks, shadows, patterns that are literally written in our DNA. You’ll learn how to mine for the gold in your ancestral lineage so that you can deeply explore the life ‘set-up’ you were born into. Uncover and gather the treasures that tell you more about The Language of You.












Giving & Receiving

Module 4: In this module, we’ll focus on Nourishment and the bigger picture of how you nourish yourself on EVERY level. You’ll become more aware of what you ‘feed yourself’ (give)…what you ‘consume’ and how to choose to consciously ‘fast’ from those things that do not nourish you.

In exploring the ways that you give and receive, both to yourself, others and the world at large, you learn about the ways that contract or expand you, how you naturally enjoy giving, and how this is a part of the Language of You. We’ll explore how to give from fullness rather than lack. What it truly means to receive and how to open to the abundance of receiving, while noticing if you have inclinations towards over-giving, holding back or blocking receiving. 













Module 5: “Your purpose, is to bring the sum of you forward into the human experience”* 

Discover the elements of your language. Learn to notice how you receive that information and how,  who you naturally are, is your purpose. Who you are, is NOT what you do. When you know the Language of You, you will know how to align what you do, with who you are.

*Language of the Feminine – Jane A. Cormack.












Creativity – Embodied

Module 6: The Creativity Embodied Workshop is a deep dive during which you’ll learn to bring form and tangible expression to specific pieces from the programme so far (which will be unique to each person). You’ll explore what your creative lineage is, helping you to get clear on the natural gifts you possess. Everything is an oracle (a language), including what you create. You’ll discover the forms you love to work with and how this brings you deeper into connection with your most natural way of being in the world.

*It doesn’t matter if you have no art experience, as the workshop is intuitive and not focussed on techniques.












Home & Sanctuary

Module 7: In this final module we return home. You’ll explore what ‘home’ feels like for you and how to create your own sanctuary space wherever you are. You’ll learn about the Language of You through the things you do, places you go and people you are with that make you feel ‘home’. We’ll also explore the differences between what is ‘familiar’ and what a true sense of home can be. Ultimately, you’ll experience how to come ‘home’ to yourself and feel a sense of belonging with the language of who you are.













Integrate – Celebrate!

A space to share insights, integrate what you’ve discovered and learnt, hear from others and celebrate your individual and collective journey and more…(there may be dancing!).












Join a pioneering group of women

This is an opportunity to participate alongside a pioneering group of women in The Language of You. 

I work with small and intimate groups (less than 10 people), so there are limited places for those women who feel a ‘yes’ in their bones. If this is you, we’ll arrange a one to one private connection session to meet and see if there’s a good fit.

Feel a yes? > Contact me directly to arrange our connection session: Connect 



What’s Included?

1 x ‘Meet & Greet’ Introduction class (around 1-2 hrs)

6 x 2 hour weekly live sessions together on Zoom

1 x live workshop

1 x Integration Session & Celebration! (around 2 hrs)

Weekly prepping exercises to bring to the class

A private online community space for connecting and sharing.

An online The Language of You workbook, delivered to you per module.

Your Guide – Jane Cormack

Advocate of Cyclical Living – Supporting Women to live a life of beauty, creativity and meaning.

Through the power of menstrual cycle intelligence education, creative and expressive arts and rooting in nature, Jane inspires and supports women around the world, to re-connect with their feminine intelligence, rhythm, creativity and power and ultimately, to guide women back to their own sovereignty so that they can feel a sense of home and belonging within themselves and in the world, aware that their voice, presence and purpose, matters.


What Women are saying…

Dear Jane, thank you seems inadequate really but in the absence of any more appropriate words, ‘thank you!’ for bringing your energy, presence, insights and medicine and for sharing these with us.

I feel that all our souls have been well and truly nourished by your presence and I am very grateful for the tools that you have given to me to help me re-connect and listen to my deep feminine.

Sally Simmers, Loch Lomond, Scotland (Language of the Feminine Retreat participant)

I just want to thank you for all the experiences of the workshop yesterday. Afterwards, I realised I felt more ‘together’ and like a deep healing had occurred…transformative!

Caireen Todd, Loch Lomond, Scotland (Language of the Feminine Retreat participant)

I do think finding a mentor is very subjective but I’ve had plenty of councillors, coaches and therapists over the years and Jane has definitely stood out.  I think Jane engages fully in our sessions and is able to ‘read’ me and hear me in her fullest capacity.

12 month Holistic Empowerment for Women Private Mentoring Client – Edinburgh.

Get in touch – join the programme

2021 Programme

Want to learn more? Or join the waitlist for the 2021 programme? > Connect with me here.

We’ll arrange a time for a one-to-one chat to learn more about how the Language of You can help you discover what makes you, YOU.

Read the experiences of previous The Language of You participants below…(6 week version).

The Language of You - programme testimonial

The ‘language of you’ helped me to gently discover more of myself. Aspects of myself I was aware of but had not allowed to fully take form and be named came to the surface of my awareness. Before the course started, I was in a process of grieving. Through the Language of You I could come to a place of letting go and open to let other parts of myself shine. I experienced the Language of You as a very supportive, light and inspiring way to explore the depth of me.

Through the Language of You, I connected to the Flow and my creativity. This shows me that in this aspect of my life, scheduled times and structure can help the unfolding of moments filled with flow and inspiration.

Daniela Zapf – Gardener


The Language of You - programme testimonial

I am grateful to have participated in The Language of You. Jane’s holding and open nature is infectious and encouraged me to be completely myself, accepted and honoured for just that. Participating with other women was a joy and honour, to see and be seen, witnessed with compassion and the eyes of the feminine. To feel a sense of community and a shared journey, a sense of belonging.

I felt more connected to myself and accepted for however I showed up, this allowed me to feel more self-compassion and movement of my emotions and mental thought forms. All of this is valuable to my sense of self and what I am vibrating into the world.

Kristy Lee-Harris – Self-Employed


About Jane - Testimonial

I felt safe, supported, inspired, deeply seen (Jane’s feedback and sharing of what she saw always touched me profoundly). I experienced her holding being very open and joyous, very much aligned and attuned with the group and the journeys needs. Jane’s sensitivity and skilled facilitation made her holding seam effortless. However, having held space myself I know how much work goes on behind the scenes. Nothing seemed to throw her.

I enjoyed her gentleness, playfulness, humour, sensitivity, and her attuned, open and inspiring way of holding space. Other qualities of Jane’s holding I experienced were inclusiveness, depth and her compassion and care for all of us.

I am deeply grateful for Jane’s guidance through the terrain. I feel the value I received was her gentle taking me by my hand and being by my side while I explored deeper places within myself. And her support showed me that this process can be light and joyous. I feel reassured and happy to continue on my path.

Daniela Zapf – Gardener


About Jane - Testimonial

I felt seen, heard and supported in a truly authentic and embodied way, from Jane’s  language.


Kristy Lee-Harris – Self-Employed


About Jane - Testimonial

It was a lovely balance of playful, powerful, flowing, deep, and vulnerable. I felt the authenticity in each class, and I felt that what was spoken was coming from a space of truth and connectedness, which helped me connect with that energy as well.


Liron Alon – Access Bars Practitioner, Energy Healer




About Jane - Testimonial

I felt safe, heard and supported. Jane held the classes as open and flowing, weaving in the practical while still tapping into our energy, even at the beginning as she gets to know each of us.

I appreciated Jane’s humanness and playfulness, as well as her ability to hold space and provide perspectives to consider. Her embodiment and passion for her work continues to inspire. 


Genevieve Cavannagh – Energy Healer


The Language of You - programme Testimonial

Being in an online space being guided by Jane in discovering the language of me was important to do at this pivotal point in my life. Sharing this space with other women was safe and supportive.

There are ways to look within and using her tools and exercises was richer than I anticipated – taking the time to truly think about my language and purpose wasn’t something I had done extensively and this pivotal moment gave me permission to do so.

Everything is a language, how I am and how I live my life is my language that I speak to the world. Life can be busy and messy and it’s easy to forget how simple yet profound it is to be conscious of my language that I put out in the world and what it communicates. Jane’s program was a beautiful way to feel held, seen and heard while being guided to rediscover the language of me. 


Genevieve Cavannagh – Energy Healer