The Language of You – Taster Sessions

If you’d like to ‘have a taste’ of what you’ll get in the longer and more in-depth The Language of You programme, then sign up to join a taster course or session.

Firstly, read all about The Language of You here. Then, come back to this page and join an upcoming taster for an embodied experience.

In our upcoming taster, we’ll explore elements from the BODY module from The Language of You full programme.


Cultivating Women of Substance



Your body is a gift. She has multiple languages. When you understand and learn to listen to these languages, you are guided to greater health and wellbeing AND you are provided with all the information you need to make healthy life choices.

In this module, we focus on the intelligence of menstrual cycles, movement and touch so that you can better understand the Language of You through your beautiful body. You’ll learn to listen more acutely and honour the gift of being human.


This is a live and intimate taster course held over zoom.

Friday 27th November – Monday 7th December 2020

The Magic of Menstruation

A woman’s cycle is completely unique to her – which is why it is one of the most powerful and profound teachers for self-knowledge you will ever discover.

You already have it as an EMBODIED resource. Which means that it is a part of you, you live it, you be it, you are it…instead of searching for external tools, learn to use the most self-connective tool you already have.

EMBODIMENT means that you experience something through the body in a very real and tangible way.

It is not knowledge gathered from external sources, it is EXPERIENTIAL. You know it in your bones because you have lived it. It’s part of your living story and the Language of who you are.

Because your cycle is unique to you, this 11 day initiation will support you to discover, reveal or become more aware of the uniqueness of your own cycle, how this is a very special part of The Language of You and how you can use it as a tool for deeper self-knowledge, self-care and as a potent visioning experience. I highlight that this is a taster course and an initiation into a life-long exploration, which we will cover more in depth in the full The Language of You programme.

We’ll be using a movement practice alongside cycle tracking, learning the energetic language of your wombspace (during the full moon!) and leaning into the magic that happens during your cycle —

Here’s how we’ll flow >

HELLO by email, entry into our pop-up online community group space, initiation into my Embodying Your Cycle Intelligence daily practice via video + a 11 day Journal. You’ll also receive The Language of You – Menstrual Magic resource to start learning some menstrual cycle 101 (leaning into the magic as well as some practical goodness) and a menstrual cycle tracking chart with instructions on how to begin.

Thursday 26th November (so you can begin on Friday 27th)


LANGUAGE OF THE WOMB – EARTH BODY FULL MOON GATHERING. A live, guided journey as an introduction to learning and understanding the specific energetic language of your womb – held in the potency of the full moon.

Monday 30th November, 4pm-6pm UK, 5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PDT, 10am CST. Find your time zone here.


You’ll be invited to check-in and share about your daily practice and experiences in our private online group.


MENSTRUAL MAGIC & MYSTERIES. Live zoom interactive class exploring our personal and collective held stories around menstruation. Our personal experiences and feelings within each inner season of our cycles, an exploration of cycles and rhythms.

Thursday 3rd December, 4pm-6pm UK, 5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PDT, 10am CST.



We’ll gather live on zoom, tune-in- check-in, have a course recap, time for sharing your experiences and learnings, dancing together and discovering what could be next.

Monday 7th December, 4pm-5.30/6pm UK, 5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PDT, 10am CST.


If you would like 1:1 mentoring time around The Language of You during or after the course, I’m offering a reduced fee as a course participant @ £45 instead of £60 for 1 hour of mentoring.


What you’ll receive in this 11 day initiation:

2 x live & intimate zoom classes
1 x downloadable, printable Embodying Your Cycle Intelligence 11 Day Journal
1 x video introduction to the Embodying Your Cycle Intuitive Movement practice
1 x The Language of You – Menstrual Magic 101 PDF
1 x Menstrual Cycle tracking chart
Invitation to a private online space to share

1 x live on zoom closing class share, celebration & what’s next.


This course is not designed with a clinical or medical focus in mind and does not focus on the biological or physiological process of menstruation. You will be given foundational information on the structure and phases of your cycle, however, the focus for this course is for you to learn how to embody, witness, sense and feel the ever-changing energies of your cycle, to discover the natural intelligence of your cycle as an embodied tool for self-care, for deep and profound spiritual connection and self-knowledge, and the very special energy patterns of your cycle which are unique to you and help you to know The Language of You.

I work very intuitively and organically with structure so that you feel safe and held in the spaces I create, which can offer you a sense of freedom to explore more deeply.

Questions about your period and cycle?

About Your Cycle

If your cycle is irregular or erratic due to health or stress related reasons, then work with the cycle that you currently DO have. You may find that the process of giving deep attention to your cycle helps to regulate it (please read the disclaimer section below).

If you’re on the pill or other hormonal contraception, then you will not experience a natural cycle, but a period that is a result of withdrawal from the drug. This means that because you don’t experience the natural movements of fluctuating hormones through a cycle, you also won’t experience the physical, emotional, mental and energetic changes that go along with that. You can still participate in this course with the cycle that you do have, however, your experience may be much more subtle. To explore this further, I highly recommend ‘Period Repair Manual – Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods’ by Lara Briden ND which contains information about the kind of period you do have when on hormonal contraceptives (I have no personal experience of having been on hormonal contraceptives).

If you don’t have a cycle for medical or health reasons or because your reproductive system has been removed, then you can still do this course and re-engage with the energy of cycles while tuning into the energetic space.

If your cycle is irregular or erratic because you’re peri-menopausal, or in the process of menopause, work with the cycle that you currently DO have in combination with the cycles of the moon.

If you don’t have a cycle because you’re post-menopausal, you can follow the cycles of the moon. Exploring in this way can be an opportunity to reclaim knowledge from your menstrual years that can give you deep insights into The Language of You.

I am aware that not all people who identify as women bleed and that not all people who bleed identify as women. It is important for those who do/have bled to reclaim the knowledge, power, mystery and intelligence of their cycles for self and collective empowerment. As the field of menstrual cycle awareness and intelligence is a powerfully emergent field, I am open to discuss ideas for inclusivity. However, this course is for women who have experienced menstruation.

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor!

As you may be aware, I am not a doctor, medical practitioner or holistic/naturopathic body practitioner and do not give any kind of medical advice. Any nutritional and/or supplementary suggestions I make are as a result of my own exploration and experience and must be taken as suggestions to explore further by you. I may suggest other resources for further exploration out-with my own field of expertise, however, I take no responsibility for actions taken by you that may result in any disturbance to your health and wellbeing, be that physical, emotional or mental.


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