I take my time creating paintings, over months, sometimes years, working on a piece when I feel called. Or working to a particular rhythm that is synced with my natural rhythms and cycles. I’ve named this process ‘Slow Painting’ and ‘Slow Art’.

My work carries the energy of the feminine – of cycles of birth, creation, life, death, fertility, menstruation, sensuality, sexuality, and beauty. They explore the divine essence and humanity of woman through our symbiotic relationship with nature, expressed with vibrant colour and symbol. Paintings often feature the Great Mother, our planet Earth, with which I feel deep respect, reverence and love.

My Slow Paintings are a way to ground and bring to visual life a consciousness that moves beyond us as individual people and helps me to gain insights in both personal and collective ways.  

The Slowness of the creation means that my art is an evolving story. And this is a story, such is the story of all of our lives, that I can re-engage in and continue to tell over time.

My paintings have been exhibited in Australia and Scotland, with some held in private collections.

A collection of original, one of a kind, paintings are currently available to purchase from my shop.

High quality, giclee prints will be available soon.