Video & Audio Interviews 

I’ve connected with and had the delight to interview (and be interviewed by) some incredibly inspiring and interesting people which I share with you here.
Interview topics range from heart intelligence, creative and spontaneous expression and nature connection to the divine, sacred masculine and feminine and healing the voice.

Conversations with Creative Spirits – Laura Hollick interviews Jane Cormack on Creative Journey, Menstrual Cycles, Feminine Rhythms and the Language of the Feminine

Before I arrived in Canada for Laura Hollick’s International Soul Art Day – we had a creative conversation online – watch our juicy conversation on female cycles and how they influence our art and creative journey.


Power, Pleasure & Feminine Essence – Unleash Your Wild Gypsy Soul Summit interviews Jane Cormack

Paula Jessop Says > I love the definition that Jane has of our Wild Gypsy Soul. She said that “The wild is a returning to our primal self. Connecting to the earth and to that primal part of ourself that is in tune with the earth. In tune with nature, a returning to that part of ourselves that intrinsically knows how to connect and communicate with nature. And that it [our wild] is also a following of the wild intuitive knowings that can come up, [and doing this] without knowing where we are going to be lead, yet still trusting the unknown intuitive self.”

There is so much in this interview that I Loved. Jane and I went into some deeply feminine topics. We both were transparent and vulnerable and both had second thoughts as to whether sections of this interview would end up being used or cut. In the end we let the wild have her way with us and what is shared is deeply feminine and deeply beautiful.

We also talk about:

  • Our nomadic tendencies along with our yearning and longing for our tribe and to live in community.
  • Using creativity and travel to allow our wild to emerge and experience different parts of ourselves.
  • Witnessing ourselves and allowing others to witness us in the truth of who we know ourselves to be.
  • Being seen, showing up, and speaking our truth in the world.
  • Experiencing our sensual self
  • Listening to our wombs and opening up our feminine essence.
  • When we move into a deeper connection with our feminine source, that words don’t do justice to the energy that is present.
    And so much, more.

    Discover more Wild Souls at the Unleash Your Wild Gypsy Soul Summit.

Voice of the Sacred Feminine Interview with Peruquois

Watch my interview with singer Peruquois, known as ‘The Voice of the Sacred Feminine’, Peruquois embodies the feminine soul of sound expressing through her music and voice; as a composer, lyricist and guide to hundreds of women in her sacred feminine workshops, Peruquois says, “It is unified primal sound of women that retunes and restores each woman to her original essence”. For more information go to: Peruquois 

Read the full blog post at: Voice of the Sacred Feminine – Interview with Peruquois – The Singing Woman

Healing Voice ~ An interview with Sound and Vocal expert Jill Purce

The video is filmed in Jill’s home and retreat space at Hampstead Heath in London.

Watch the juicy interview to learn:

  • What Overtone chanting is
  • What is actually happening physiologically that creates transformation when we use the voice
  • Why EVERYONE has the capability to sing
  • Why singing, toning and chanting brings us into resonance with nature and all of life
  • Jill demonstrates the multiple musical notes or ‘tones’ that happen whilst overtone chanting ~ Amazing!!
  • Jill talks about her 40 years of teaching experience and how she began on her journey into sound.
  • Why using the voice affects our other expressions such as painting
  • What happened when a child’s ‘coconut’ cracked open!! (You’ll see a connection between my original logo for Rhythm In Colour and the description of this child!)

The video interview is in two parts:

Go ahead and watch Part One here:

Watch Part Two here:

Spontaneous Expression & Amplified Awareness Fields with Dr. Christian Pankhurst

Watch my video interview with Dr. Christian Pankhurst, founder of Heart IQ Network, on Spontaneous Expression & Amplified Awareness Fields.  See the audio interview below for more information on Christian’s work.



Heart IQ (Heart Intelligence) with Dr. Christian Pankhurst

Listen to my interview with Dr. Christian Pankhurst, winner of Britain’s Next Top Coach 2009. Christian is founder and creator the Heart IQ network and coaching academy offering professional training, personal and love and relationship retreats around the world.
In this interview you will learn:
  • What Heart Intelligence is
  • The BEST Feminine Spiritual Practice a Woman can ever do
  • How to AMPLIFY your feminine essence
  • Why it’s necessary to access your deepest feminine in groups of women
  • The dangers of suppressing Femininity & Expression
  • How being authentic & using Heart Intelligence helps you to connect to your deepest feminine heart
  • How to allow more of who you really are to emerge
  • The benefits of Spontaneous expression
  • How to respond authentically & spontaneously
  • Balancing the Masculine & Feminine within
  • How women can animate their masculine energy
  • The uprising of Conscious Men

For more information about Christian’s work visit this page: Christian Pankhurst