Witnessed Women workshops & classes explore women’s relationship to visibility & being seen, through the lens of the feminine.

Witnessed Women is part of a larger body of work that is an evolving piece in women’s personal sovereignty and empowerment that also honours our interdependence and relationship with the larger eco-system of life.

The Art of Witnessing is incredibly nourishing for the feminine aspect within us which we explore in workshops through the 4 elements of Witnessing.


There is incredible juicy-ness in exploring the mystery, complexity and depth of the feminine* (*’The feminine’ exists within both men and women and within life. I support women to explore this aspect of themselves.*) and of being a woman! And, it can also be scary at times, because great power dwells in us – our power encompasses all aspects of who we are – in particular, the tender and vulnerable, because historically, showing these aspects of ourselves has been considered a sign of ‘weakness’.

In WW workshops, we turn this notion on its head and explore what true courage means.

We have so many layers and aspects of ourselves that we label; dark, light, good, bad, shadow, sweet, nice, selfish, etc. Our ‘shadow’ parts hold huge power and contain another layer of who we are. Yet it’s often this part of ourselves that we avoid, because we’ve been ‘taught’ that it’s better (more acceptable) to be a sweet, nice, pleasing woman.

Much of our mystery, complexity and depth is related to our female body cycles, which include our menstrual cycles. During the different phases and stages of the cycle, different aspects of our characters are more prominent and are revealed. In WW workshops or classes, we explore what visibility feels like in these different phases, and the parts of our characters that emerge, some of which feel much more vulnerable than others.

Through witnessing, we also explore boundaries, beliefs and perspectives, self-care, vulnerability, self-knowing, giving and receiving, over-exposure, integrity and nourishment, as these are all aspects that emerge through witnessing.

Retreating into an internal, silent cave is often not about hiding at all. It’s actually necessary for rest and regeneration. Staying there permanently, is an entirely different matter!


There are so many women holding back their gifts because they are afraid to be seen, to show up in their lives, work, creativity and relationships in their ever changing mystery, depth and complexity, to own their greatness, their wildness, softness, vulnerability, sexual aliveness, fear, shyness, power, gentle tenderness, fierceness or anger; their humanity and divinity. In their wholeness.

I felt called to offer WW workshops (which I began in Berlin) for a specific intention – to create a sacred and safe uplifting space in which women can explore the beauty and complexity of their wholeness – and grow in courage to bring their whole selves into relationship with life through the art and practice of witnessing, while also honouring their natural cyclical nature so that they can create a sustainable way of living and being.

In Witnessed Women classes and workshops, you can learn to >

Be seen in the truth of who you know you really are
Be welcomed in a safe and loving space to practice showing and sharing all the parts of you that you are used to hiding
Really enjoy being the centre of attention
Feel confident in being exactly who you are authentically
Go from feeling invisible to radiant and visible
Grow in courage and confidence being naturally you
Know yourself from different perspectives
Know and show the truth of who you know you are and LIVE that



It’s a delicate dance to know when we are deliberately (consciously or unconsciously) hiding, holding back or avoiding challenging situations that can help us to grow, and being aware of when we need personal space to rest, rejuvenate or develop or that the timing isn’t right for something.

Musician and artist, David Bowie, talks about the sweet spot in this ‘delicate dance’ where his best creativity emerges from living on his creative edge and not ‘playing to the gallery’ in this short interview (1 minute video): Bowie Inspiration

This is the ‘edge’ that we want to access because, when we live from this space, we can feel truly and fully alive. 

As women, we often also need gentle guidance to blossom and bloom into our full womanhood. To explore our deep essence and most natural self. Force can do long-term damage. Stretching ourselves too much, too soon, all at once from a place of frustration or anger at ourselves for not being more than…better by now…can actually cause us to snap, like an elastic band that’s been stretched too far.

We need to find that ‘sweet spot’ and to know the intimate dance between our creative edge and our need to retreat, let go and soften. This is the masculine, feminine dance that is related to the phases of our female cycles. 


WW workshops are a place where we can feel safe and supported stretching and peeling back the layers of armour to reveal our luminescence.

It’s often inner beauty, power in all its expressions and magnificence that women feel the most afraid of showing – we can become habitual in the way we show up, used to hiding, shrinking or diverting attention.

We can feel like little prawns; soft, tender and delicate on the inside, with a hard shell on the outside. We explore when this ‘shell’ is a good thing that creates boundaries and protects this tender and beautiful centre and when we are hiding within it. This is a space to gently unfold into experiential and embodied knowing of fully showing yourself and all of the feelings, thoughts and sensations that arise in this place. This can often take time, as we honour and respect our own needs, boundaries and become aware of our zones of comfort.

In the WW workshops, we practice showing up in our wholeness with all the flavours of ourselves present in the moment and often hiding just beneath the surface.

Some aspects of what we explore during a workshop:

• Experience what it’s like to be real and acknowledge truths about the truth of who you really know yourself to be.

• Move beyond mind-based perceptions and into the heart and soul of who you really are.

• Receive heart-felt and compassionate feedback about how you are perceived by other women.

• Allow yourself to flourish fully into your wholeness and discover layers and depth you were not fully aware of or had not acknowledged.

• Receive and give nourishment to and from each other and learn how to receive healthy attention and how ‘letting it in’ affects your body and physiology.

We need the courage to bring ourselves, our voices, gifts and work into the world and to lead with all of who we are > the strength, fierceness, tenderness and vulnerability (and the joy!) and to infuse more of the feminine qualities of sensitivity, compassion, intuition, creativity, love and tenderness, present within men and women, into our world.



In a nutshell, for women who are a bit to a lot sacred of their own power or who feel like they are ‘waiting’ to be who they really are.

And, for women who have a good idea about who they really are, but for a multitude of reasons, are not fully being that.

WW is for women who know they have wisdom to share, with an awareness that there is an inner power not yet fully realised.

It’s for women who may have prolific creative ideas, thoughts, things to say, AND who are also highly sensitive, creative souls, intuitives, multi-passionate women, artists, more on the spectrum towards introverted than extroverted, tender, sensual souls.

WW is for intelligent women who have tendencies to hold back, keep quiet, hide or wait for permission, but who hold the desire to show up as fully and naturally themselves as possible to express through their creative work, life and relationships.

WW is for women who have rich inner worlds, who wish to bring their depth of being into alignment with who they show up as in the world.

It’s for women who have something to say in the world but are struggling to fully say it.

And it’s for women who want to ease into exploring and sharing their true, tender, fierce, powerful, vulnerable selves – their WHOLE WOMAN.

If you don’t feel that you ‘fit in’ to any of these descriptions but feel drawn to come, you are most welcome.


I’ve led workshops, retreats, classes and circles for women for almost a decade in different locations around the world.

Host’s benefit in wonderful ways! Goodies, free participation, discounts and more are all part of the package if you choose to be a host for a workshop or retreat. If you feel called to host a workshop or retreat in your community, Contact me and we can have an initial chat about possibilities! 

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I also host Language of the Feminine Expressive Arts workshops which can be combined into longer retreats with Witnessed Women. We need both of these workshop formats (which is why I created them) to be able to access our creative, intuitive and sensual energy and find our creative expression, and then to be witnessed in that and share it, if it is a true desire to do so. A powerful format for freeing our creativity and exploring who you are and who you want to become.