Why Do We Need Deep Feminine Nourishment >

We need to create DELIBERATE sacred time. For Stillness. Connection. Attention, Love. To honour ourselves and our need for space, to feel and re-connect with our innate feminine nature.

We need a space to tap into the possibility of feeling loved. Expansive. Open to inspiration, felt and seen by real humans, by women, by sisters.

When we slow down, we actually allow our true feelings to emerge and be felt and expressed. We allow space for clarity. This is why creating deliberate space to sink into our feminine is ESSENTIAL.

And as the world’s pace grows faster, tuning into our natural feminine rhythms with groups of women within sacred space creates a powerful container that allows us to feel fully held, supported and celebrated for who we are and enables us to slow down to receive the nourishment we long for.

We need continuous and regular connection in this kind of space to remind us and return us to our ‘inner knowing’ our natural rhythms and re-remembering our sacred nature.

We are nourished from within our bones.
We are nourished when we connect to our source within.
We are nourished through having our hearts opened and trusting again in sisterhood.
We are nourished by witnessing the goodness, light and dark, beauty, power, depth and compassion in other women and claiming those as parts of who we rightfully are.
We receive the collective gifts from all the women present.
We create an amplified field that has a high energy that we entrain to, to feel uplifted.
We create a place to feel safe, relax, replenish and become radiant.
We will ‘get out’ of our heads and connect to our bodies, learning to ‘embody’ our deep feminine.

We have always needed feminine nourishment, and in times of chaos or stress, tragedy and uncertainty, it is even more needed.

Note: This is a not a place to vent, to talk about your problems or give advice. The nourishment circle is meant as soul nourishment.

More Information > These sacred circles offer feminine nourishment. You will have the chance to be still, to listen, to deeply connect with other women, be seen, felt, heard and appreciated. It is a space to give the feminine essence within us the attention she needs and wants.

We listen to the voice within that calls for more nourishment, love, care, space, holding, relaxation and warmth. We give ourselves space to feel and to be without analysis.

We enter into a space of simplicity.
We experience movement and dance, pleasure and joy.
We deeply connect with our feminine essence and are seen in the presence of other women.
We learn to give AND receive.
We are supported, nourished, held and our cups are filled.

Deep Feminine Sacred Nourishment circles include tune-in, music, dance, feminine practices and embodiment and…nourishment for the soul.

Places are limited to maintain the intimacy of the circle so advanced booking is recommended and is a requirement.

Find out about places, dates and times on the EVENTS page or CALENDAR. You can also take a look at Upcoming Events and Previous Events below.

Private Circles

Or gather a group of your closest friends and sisters and CONTACT me to host a special, private sacred circle at your home for up to 8 women.

Find out about Personal VIP retreats below >

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Personal VIP Deep Feminine Nourishment Retreats

Do you need guided sacred time for yourself?

I offer personal retreats from 2 hours to a full day that are designed for your specific needs and that delve deep into discovering what true nourishment means and looks like for you, as a unique individual.

The focus is FEMININE Nourishment.

What does the Feminine Element within you desire and need to feel fully nourished from within?

We follow this question, expanding to both internal nourishment and external and practical nourishment.

To learn more about what a personal retreat involves and if it is for you, CONTACT me to receive further information.


“Instantly after the first session, I felt light and joyful – uplifted in a serene way.  I used the womb meditation a number of times to ground myself in all the buzz at the conference. I could feel the difference instantly and it was a delicious feeling of strength. Today, I was told by a number of people that I look well!
I am feeling powerfully moved to give voice to a deeper, more authentic expression of me…and the first session helped to mobilise it. Since then, I have been excavating the courage to act on that feeling.
Thank you for modelling femininity so beautifully.”
Zeshan - Edinburgh, UK