Sacred Witnessing Circles

Women’s Sacred Witnessing Circles are for women who wish to experience and become more comfortable being witnessed in the truth of who they know themselves to be. When you are witnessed in your authenticity, you can have more courage to show up just as you are. Many women are often so afraid to be seen, in our greatness, wildness, softness, vulnerability, sexual aliveness, fear, shyness, power, gentle tenderness or anger, in our humanity. In our wholeness.
In Women’s Sacred Witnessing Circles, you can learn to >

Be seen in the truth of who you know you really are
Be welcomed in a safe and loving space to practice showing and sharing all the parts of you that you are used to hiding
Really enjoy being the centre of attention
Feel confident in being exactly who you are authentically
Go from invisible to fully visible
Grow in courage and confidence being naturally you
Know yourself from different perspectives
Know and show the truth of who you know you are and LIVE that

The Power of Being Witnessed

Sacred witnessing circles have a specific focus to create a sacred and safe space in which we can show ourselves. Through practices that connect us to our deep feminine essence, we begin to know ourselves on a much deeper level and from different perspectives.

I use the word ‘Sacred’ when I talk about witnessing because the intention of the circles, classes or groups is to honour the process of discovering and uncovering our fears, judgements, feelings and thoughts that emerge in the 3 elements of witnessing (which you will learn during the circle) in a loving and safe environment. It is to revere the sacred nature of our souls and honour the fact that it can take an incredible amount of courage, vulnerability and strength to allow ourselves to be seen in our full glory and radiance as women and as divine human beings.

It’s often our great beauty, our power, light and magnificence that women feel the most afraid of showing – we are more used to critical thinking, focusing on our ‘flaws’ and bringing visibility to uncertainty and self-doubt. We can become habitual in the way we show up, used to hiding, shrinking or diverting attention.

We can feel like little prawns; soft, tender and delicate on the inside, with a hard shell on the outside. We explore when this ‘shell’ is a good thing that creates boundaries and protects this tender and beautiful centre and when we are hiding within it. This is a space to gently unfold into experiential and embodied knowing of fully showing yourself and all of the feelings, thoughts and sensations that arise in this place. This can often take time, as we honour and respect our own needs, boundaries and become aware of our zones of comfort.

In the Women’s Sacred Witnessing Circle, we practice showing up in our wholeness with all the flavours of ourselves present in the moment and often hiding beneath the surface.

We experience what it’s like to be real and acknowledge truths about the truth of who we really know ourselves to be.
We move beyond mind-based perceptions and into the heart and soul of who we really are.
We receive heart-felt and compassionate feedback about how we are perceived by other women.
We allow ourselves to flourish fully into our wholeness and discover layers and depth we were not fully aware of or had not acknowledged.
We can feel utterly full and learn how to receive healthy attention and how ‘letting it in’ affects your body and physiology.
We need the courage to bring ourselves, our voices, gifts and work into the world and to infuse more of the feminine qualities of sensitivity, compassion, intuition, love and tenderness, present within men and women, into our world.



Highly sensitive women, creative souls, intuitives, multi-passionate women, artists, introverted, shy, tender, sensual souls, fiercely bright women who have tendencies to hold back, keep quiet and hide but who hold the desire to show up as themselves and express through their creative work. Women who have rich inner worlds, who wish to bring their depth of being into alignment with who they show up as in the world. If you don’t feel that you ‘fit in’ to any of these descriptions but feel drawn to come, you are most welcome.

All events are for women aged 18+ ~ Please check the EVENTS page or the CALENDAR for all workshop, circle and class dates.