Hello Rhythmic Soul,

Welcome to my new weekly Rhythmic Inspiration News!  Each week I’ll be posting valuable information, tools, tips or practices to help you connect to your self more deeply, know your true creative source, your femininity and HONOUR who you are and how you are.  AND how expressing more of who you are through creativity can help you gain clarity, energy and inspiration for your business, your work, your relationships and your life.

In today’s Rhythmic News I’ve shot a a video for you to help you ‘Find Your Rhythm’ ~ It’s So important to find, listen and honour your unique rhythm in amongst the chaos and fast movement all over the world right now.

In this video I share with you:

  • What Your Inner Rhythm Is
  • The In-Built Rhythm System in YOUR body
  • How You Find Your Inner Rhythm
  • How to Get Your Rhythm into Colour
  • Tools and Practices that will Help You Honour your Natural Rhythm
Click the Video to Watch Now:


Answer these questions this week to uncover what your unique rhythm is:

  • What do you do that disrupts your natural rhythm?
  • What will you do this week to honour your natural inner rhythm?

The ‘rhythm’ in Rhythm In Colour is finding that rhythm through breath, movement, dance and music then expressing that in colour.  On occasion we also tune into the rhythm of nature and feel how this influences our own inner rhythm.  Creativity is a form of expression, it’s a form of release; release means release of what’s been held in as tension, as excitement, anger, joy or any other feeling or emotion that is held in.  When we release, we empty our vessel ready to be filled again with whatever we want next.

Here’s to Finding Our Unique Rhythm and living it!

Until next time…Keep Creating,


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Even if you don’t watch these videos or read the valuable tips and tools I share each week, stay connected, because you can go back and watch or read at your pleasure and leisure or you’ll click on just the right video to receive just the right message for you at…..just the right time!  Synchronicity lives!

“It’s so important to first feel your own rhythm before’dancing’ with the rhythm of others.  We begin to understand how feeling and following our inner rhythm deeply enriches our lives, our business, work and relationships.” JC


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