Have you ever had the feeling that you’re ‘waiting’ to be you?

  • Waiting to do what you love
  • Waiting for a ‘better’ moment to:
  • Say what you feel/think
  • Tell someone you love how you feel
  • Start writing the book idea you had 5 years ago
  • Get better shoes to dance in before you dance
  • Just SHOW yourself

Although I feel there is a divine timing to everything, often the divine timing appears but we don’t ‘pick up on it’ or follow through.

And we need to recognise that we all have a different and natural rhythm, we take different amounts of time to integrate or process things.  This is part of the bigger picture in the ‘waiting to be you’ feeling.

But if that big ‘YOU’ carrot continues to dangle ever enticingly and ever out of reach in front of you, perhaps because:

  • you feel too tender or sensitive to peel back the layers?
  • that you were told or shown that ‘being you’ was not ok?
  • maybe you still doubt that ‘being you’ is enough, or even good enough?

Then this is more of a ‘waiting’ than a natural rhythm.

‘Waiting to be you’ results in a feeling that you’re not quite living the life or even being the person that you visualise or feel inside. There’s a discrepancy between who you are being and what you’re doing and who you ‘see’ yourself as being and doing.

Kind of like seeing another ‘you’ walking parallel alongside the ‘you’ you’re currently being and watching her making the choices you’d actually like to make, wearing the clothes and hairstyle you’d actually like to wear, saying the things and expressing what you’d actually like to express in the moment and doing what you’ve always imagined you would in the world.


Do you remember the 1985 film ‘Cocoon’?  The aliens who were beautiful, shining beings of light and came to earth hiding under the disguise of being human?  Many of us are like that, not aliens per say, but hiding from our own beautiful and brilliant light, afraid to show it and ‘stand out’ too much.

ShiningWoman - Copy

It’s easy to focus on lack mentality, there’s no challenge or stretching out the comfort zones while in lack and keeping your lights turned down.  It can become habitual and familiar and… easy.

Your brilliance and light can be much more challenging to be, show and share than your average humanness.  We can all do and be that.

But what if you were to show more of that light that emanates from within?  Your radiance and heart? What would happen?

When women shine so brightly, they attract a LOT of attention, of all kinds, from everyone.  And that can feel uncomfortable at first.  People can SEE you!  As if you’re inside out; there’s no place to hide.

My original painting from 2006 and subsequent logo of Rhythm In Colour ~ ‘Why Can’t You See? depicts a woman opening herself to reveal the incredible, colourful and magical world she holds within:

However, it’s not a case of opening and closing like a trap door; we need to be gentle with ourselves stretching into this newer, more expansive version of presence.  Flowers don’t bloom and open overnight.  And if you try to force yourself to open more, shine your light more, be in your radiance and magnetic presence, what often happens is that you snap back quickly like an elastic band.  Forced to stretch too far too fast.

The safest and most joyful place to practice this kind of expansion is in the company of heart centred women.

We get to experience where our closures are, why we might be holding back or waiting in certain areas of life and what it feels like to be witnessed in our ‘shining’, radiance and expansive, open moments.  This is powerful!

Life is waiting for you to show up as your raw, real and shining self.

I invite you to my next 5 Week Art of Feminine Presence Immersion Series of classes beginning next Wednesday evening on May 6th, the early booking ends at the end of tomorrow (29th).

These classes are the opportunity for you to stretch into showing, sharing and being more of the woman you know you are.

And if you can’t manage the dates for a 5 Week Series, then I invite you to experience our one day workshop on Sunday 10th of May ‘The Forgotten Art of Pleasure’ to uncover the power and pleasure in being you.  Early booking ends next Tuesday 5th of May.

All the details are here > Events

Do you have a feeling that you’re still ‘waiting to be you?’  What are you waiting for?  Leave a comment below! ~ you’re words inspire.

Until next time,

Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin, 


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