Are You Accepting Who You Really Are

Welcome Wonderful Woman of the Earth,

Self-Acceptance. Do you?

I mean do you really accept yourself for all that you are? Do you give yourself the things that you know allow you to thrive?

And how do you know what supports you to thrive? How do you learn to be and express your true self? Who is that anyway!?

Most people will conditionally accept who they are but when it comes to unconditional, full, self-acceptance; it can get a bit more challenging.  Why is that so?

This week’s video comes from my balcony in Maarssen, Holland.  In it, you’ll learn:

  • How we learn to honour our true nature
  • How experiencing contrast can remind us what we need to thrive
  • Why self-acceptance allows us to share the best of what we have to give
  • And more…


What have you accepted about yourself that is allowing you to thrive? Or are you ignoring your true nature? If so, why?

Leave a comment below this post ~ Get the discussion started ~ in doing so, you’ll inspire others to fully accept themselves and share their stories too.


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Nature Inspired Jewellery

Nature Inspired Jewellery

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Keep Creating & Connecting and honouring your true nature…

…with Love from Maarssen, Holland