It can be a challenge for those of us who sense and feel so much and who have incredibly rich inner worlds, to find ways to authentically express the depth of who we are.

Linguistic language often feels like a rudimentary form of expression when it comes to the desire to express something profound of depth or substance.

And yet there are many ways that we communicate and express the language of who we are that allow aspects of that depth to be seen.

We turn to other forms of expression that we have always used, before the linguistic languages we know today ever existed, to communicate and connect on deeper levels with each other and all of life.

When we learn how to communicate more of our own substance and by substance I mean the fruit of our rich inner world, we create more intimacy and deeper connections with other people.

In offering our richness, we experiences a richer life in all ways. ~JC
Humans long for deep connection ~ with another, with nature, with creation and it is through reaching into the depths of ourselves that we find how to connect and express in ways that feel fulfilling and real.  Ways that make us feel alive.

It is the path to deeper intimacy with yourself and your lover and it is the path to revealing your creative genius.

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What is your unique language that expresses what words cannot? Share in the comments below!

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Keep creating and connecting with courage,

with Love from Berlin,


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