It’s the first snowfall of the season here in Holland!! 

Unique Snow Crystal by Elif Ayse

I went for a run in the white fluffy stuff this morning and watched the snow crystals falling down onto my face.

When I looked at a snow crystal up close as it fell towards my eyes, I saw so much more beauty and individuality than I would ever see if I didn’t take the time to look at the detail.

From a distance, all flakes look the same but when lumped together, they create a big white buffer to the world we usually know.

Much like snowflakes ~ there are millions of us humans on the planet; we’re all people, but if you look a little closer, get to really know someone, you’ll find something as unique as a snowflake within each and every person.  How beautiful.

We get to know the essence of someone in a multitude of ways.  From the way we dress and speak to the home/s we live in, the work we do and the people we hang out with; we all show ourselves by being ourselves.

What Kind of Snow Crystal Are You?

How are you showing up in the world?  Are you dressing in a way that expresses how you feel?  Are you doing work that uses your natural gifts and talents?  Is the image you hold of how you imagine yourself to be totally different from who you are actually being?  Are you holding back in expressing the you that you know you are!?

The more we share about what we love, who and what we care about and the projects that are important to us, the easier it is to connect and find our tribe and our soul mates!

In 2012 I’ve been sharing a LOT more about my passions through videos, workshops, writing, art, jewellery and travel.  And now, my online course ‘The Creative Detox!’  Through sharing in this way, I connect with more and more people in the world who are drawn to me because they have similar interests and passions.  I find my tribe!

But there may be a whole lot of blocks in the way of finding your unique-ness, be they emotional, spiritual or physical blocks.  There are a thousand and one things that can inhibit the expression of who we really want to show up as.

That’s one of the reasons I created ‘The Creative Detox’ online course.  So that no matter where you are in the world, you can follow these powerful (and fun!) practices to release what does not serve you anymore.  And what doesn’t serve you, are the habits and things you keep doing and saying that are preventing you from being the you that you feel at your very core.

The Creative Detox helps you to let go and clear space within yourself so that you can begin to transform into the beautiful butterfly that you know you are.  Click on The Creative Detox image below to learn more about what you can expect to receive from creatively detoxing.

The Creative Detox online Course

If you have friends or family in need of a creative detox, pass on this valuable information OR even better, buy The Creative Detox course in their name and surprise them with a meaningful Christmas gift ~ let them know that the gift is in themselves to become more of who they really want to be.

Keep Creating, Connecting & finding your unique-ness

…with Love from Holland