We’re almost halfway through January, but I want to wish you a happy new year anyway! And hope that it’s getting off to a good start for you.

January in the northern hemispheres calls for some colour and often brings thoughts on how we might want to create ourselves and our lives in different ways this year. This includes how we show up and present ourselves and what we want to feel when we look in the mirror.

So this month, we’re exploring the theme of Colour & Creating Yourself (also a chapter from my book, Language of the Feminine) in our Language of the Feminine Community. I called on Caitriana MacDonald, Image Coach & colour lover to come chat with us and bring her wisdom to the fold. 

There’s so many ‘ahhaaaa’ moments in this interview so I’ve created a run down of what we explored so you can jump to certain pieces, but I recommend getting a nice cup of herbal tea and soaking in this colourful conversation >

(all times are approximate…) Please note: the sound on Caitriana’s side is a little muted until around 6 minutes when we realise there’s paper covering her mic! So you may need to put up the volume when she’s speaking.

  • 0-2.10 Introducing Caitriana
  • 2.20 – How colour affects us
  • 3.35 -How we physically receive colour (energy wave types)
  • 5.20 – ‘Picking up’ & sensing colour
  • 8.26 – The effect on me of absorbing the light energy of canary yellow in my student bedroom!
  • 12.30 – How to create a colour response library
  • 13.10 – Caitriana’s response to emerald green
  • 15.55 – From Corporate lawyer in London City to Colour & Image Consultant – Caitriana’s personal story
  • 25.05 – How Caitriana works with colours, textures & design to help women ‘create themselves’
  • 29.55 – Why identical twins will still suit different colours & textures
  • 32.45 – The simple and little ways you can use colour to change your look
  • 34.30 – Why Caitriana actually hates fashion and what being an image consultant is really about
  • 35.14 – Colour Swatches chart examples
  • 40.10 – Why I’m a 7 degrees colour contrast and Caitriana is a 4
  • 42.20 – How do you want to feel?
  • 50.00 – How to shop and feel good at the same time – turn the tables
  • 52.30 – What to do before you buy something new & what you can do at home today to ‘test’ the colours in your wardrobe

We’d love to continue the conversation and hear your thoughts and comments – so tell us, what is the main takeaway that has stuck with you and that you feel inspired to take action on? – Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know what you learned and if you have any questions! 

Introducing Caitriana >

Caitriana is an image coach working in France and the UK creating personal transformation by guiding and allowing women to feel gloriously and authentically themselves.
Using many thousands of different material swatches, she creates a unique Colour Palette for each woman to help her choose her clothes, accessories, home or website all based on her own natural inherent colouring.
She also helps women to discover their own unique Design Pattern – which teaches them what styles, textures, contrast, patterns, shine, scale and proportions best suit them and why. With this knowledge, women feel confident in their choices and quickly and easily become confident in creating their own authentic visual image which reflects the whole of who they are, giving them the power and confidence – to say, Yes! This is who I am and I am enough.
Her work as an image coach can be used to create true harmony between the client their business and online presence i.e. website and posts. 
“I love it and I am passionate about the healing that it can bring about – it is what I was born to do!!!” – Caitriana
If you are curious to find out more, you can find Caitriana on Facebook under – Caitriana MacDonald. She’s currently working on her new website and will post the link in this thread when it launches.


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Colours & More…

You can read more on Colour & Creating Yourself in chapter 9, of my book, Language of the Feminine – Awaken the Source of Your Creative, Intuitive & Sensual Self, which is now available as of this month, as an ebook accessible over multiples devices and available in several new online stores!
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Wishing you a colourful beginning to 2018,

with love,

Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2018

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