We are Multi-Creative people, so lets use our unlimited multi-creativeness to spice up our lives and everything we do! 

Welcome to Rhythmic Inspiration number 50!  (although I think I duplicated numbers somewhere along the way so it’s actually 52!).

As a multi-passionate creator and entrepreneur, I’m NEVER short of ideas of how to express myself creatively…

…but there was a time when I just didn’t know what to focus on first; I was an artist, a writer, a poet, a song-writer, singer, designer, interested in film and video, photography, entrepreneurship and BEAUTY all wrapped up with an underlying spiritual philosophy.

I thought there was something ‘amiss’ for a while because I believed that I didn’t have the ability to focus on any creative field for very long.  That is until I understood that all of these ‘ways’ of creatively expressing were simply tools for me to use.

And that I could choose different tools or a combination of tools to express what I wanted to at different times in my life.

Whilst creating a successful jewellery design business in my early twenties, I simultaneously wrote hundreds of poems, songs, painted paintings, wrote articles, copious journals and stories, travelled, took photographs, baked cakes, worked in the film industry and lived a highly creative life!

I realised that there is a way to create a life, business and creative work that I love in which I can choose to use any creative tools I want!

Check out my blog post How Big is Your Creative Tool Kit for more about multi-creativity.

I want you to know that you can do the same and that the things you feel passionate about (no matter how many!) are the keys for you to live your most abundant, creative life.

The way you express in one creative media INFORMS and INSPIRES the way you express in another.  And at any point, you can choose to go deeper and focus on just one way for longer.

If you are a multi-passionate creative person, there is no need to get stressed about ‘having’ to choose one way because the way that you choose can contain all of the ways.  (Now I use writing, video, painting, nature connection, music, dance, photography, entrepreneurship, feminine presence and more in one business!)

A lot of people in the world are searching for a way to live the life they want to live doing what they feel passionate about AND using all of the natural gifts and talents they have.

So I want to encourage you to explore all of your ways and then find a NEW way to combine them into something that is uniquely yours.

The world is calling out for people like you!

Click the video below to learn more on how to spice up your creative life!


Rhythmic Inspiration

This will be the last Rhythmic Inspiration until April as I experiment with new rhythms ~ yes, I’m spicing it up too!

Have a spicy March and I’ll see you in spring!

Share your experiences  ~ leave a comment on the blog page  ~ your words could help someone somewhere get multi-creative and spice up their life!

Until next time…Keep Creating & Connecting!

…with Much Love from this Aberdeenshire beach!


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