If your question is not answered here, then you are welcome to get in touch.  We’re happy to answer any further questions and expand the FAQs page!

How much will the attendees be asked to participate in workshops?

The workshops are participatory.   Embodying the practices allows you to feel and understand them from within you.  Because of the nature of this work, it’s important that you have an ‘in the body’ experience of the exercises.  All of the ‘Ah-ha’ moments arrive when you do.  There will be regular discussions and plenty of time to share during and in-between practices.  The space is always open for questions.  A nurturing safe space is created if you want to share any concerns that may pop up for you.

Will you be teaching me how to dance?

No, the workshops do not teach any dance steps or forms.  I put an emphasis on ‘movement’ rather than ‘dance’ because we work with becoming aware of the body and its movement.

Where are workshops held?

Workshops are held nationally and internationally in different venues. Current regular events are in Berlin, Germany with occasional workshops in the Netherlands. Previous events have been held in Scotland in Findhorn, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and retreats and workshops have been held in the Netherlands and Kauai, Hawaii.

If you or your company are interested in hosting an event at your venue, then please contact us.

What can I expect to happen in a workshop?

Each individual can have a completely different experience at the same workshop.  This is because each day you can feel and want different things, both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  You may turn up to a workshop feeling stressed, angry, calm, tired, joyful, irritated, frustrated, blissful, energetic, lethargic, stiff, bendy…or so many other feelings.

A safe space is created at the beginning of each event through shared agreements.

Fun, connection, joy, insight, relaxation, inspiration, creative expansion, emotional release; all is possible to experience during an event.

During a workshop/event, it is possible that blocked/suppressed emotions may arise; this may come in the form of anger, tears, laughter or something else.  You will be encouraged to allow this emotion and to acknowledge what you are feeling.  There is no need to worry if you feel unusual extremities of emotion; it is quite common when entering into transformational work.  If at any point you feel overwhelmed, or don’t understand what is happening, please talk to Jane. 

What should I be doing in a workshop?

There is no ‘should’.  The facilitator (Jane) will be present and guiding you through the workshop.  If at any point you wonder what you should be doing, then please ask!

How will I feel after a workshop?

Many subtle changes, connections and emotional release can take place during a workshop, class or session, often on a deep level. These changes can often be felt days after having participated in a live event. You may feel different each time you attend an event, there are so many variables. However, I encourage women to be gentle with themselves over the following few days and allow integration time. Further insights, emotions and ideas occur after the main event because what happens in the event/session is a catalyst for further expansion.

Who ‘teaches’ the workshops?

Jane Cormack is facilitator and creator of all events and currently facilitates all workshops.  She is occasionally accompanied by other fabulous feminine collaborators.

For more information on Jane, have a look at the ‘About’ page on this site

Why is the deposit non-refundable?

If you’ve ever organised, advertised and hosted events before, then you’ll know how much work is involved in creating one single workshop or event (but worth it all if you love it!).    Your non-refundable deposit, should you be unable to attend at the last minute, covers all of the expenses already invested that are involved.  If everyone decided at the last minute to cancel their place, then I would be left with an empty venue to pay as well as travel, food, marketing and advertising expenses not to mention valuable time spent in preparing and organising it all.  You get the picture! I don’t ask that you pay the full workshop fee in advance so that if you do need to cancel your place, then you are not liable to pay the remainder of the tuition fees.  Putting down a deposit also helps you to make a committed decision to attend and to help you break the cost into two manageable payments whether finances are an issue for you or not.  By discretion, considering your circumstances, it may be possible to transfer your deposit to another event.  Should I cancel one of my own events that you have paid a deposit for, you will of course receive a full refund.

A deposit or advance payment is not required for introduction evenings.