Welcome to the first Blog Post of 2014!  Happy New Year to you All!

 ‘You have to step into the river current to move towards momentum’.

The fun video below of me getting into the current to float down the River Findhorn last year demonstrates this beautifully.



It can be a strenuous swim to reach the current, but once you’re in, the momentum has begun; you are moving whilst being in the flow.

Most of us have the intention to start the new year with some momentum so that we can create desired movement and change in certain areas of life.

But you need to make the decision to get in the current first.  Otherwise you could swim for a long time, working harder and harder not getting very far until you’re exhausted.  Can you relate?

As I mentioned for the first time in my final blog post of 2013, I’ll be offering a 5 week Immersion series in The Art of Feminine Presence™ in Aberdeen with an initial introduction evening to introduce you to this profound body of work if you are new to it, and to help you create momentum if you’ve already been to a workshop.

It’s the format of weekly classes that create a momentum and flow that trickles out influencing movement in other areas of your life that may have become stagnant.

This 5 Week Immersion Series of classes IS the current that will get you in the flow towards momentum and help you…

  • To truly OWN your value so that you can make a greater impact in your life, your community and the planet
  • To feel more confident in your body and enjoy your womanly sensuality (you all have it!)
  • To experience more pleasure in the moments of your daily life
  • To learn to have stronger and clearer boundaries with others whilst staying open and compassionate towards them
  • To feel more radiant and turn on your personal magnetism so that you can attract the relationships and opportunities that you long for 
  • To deepen your current intimate relationship if you have one and feel more confident expressing what you want
  • To learn the incredible value in having a group of loving, supportive and encouraging women so that you can take courageous steps towards your dreams knowing what it feels like to have a strong support system behind you
  •  To be seen and heard for who you actually are so that you feel confident to show up in your life as who you want to be
  • To learn how you can be powerful AND feminine 

But, you have to choose to jump in that river first.

Will you join me?

This 5 week course will lead you through the fundamentals of feminine practice, of connecting to and activating your deepest feminine essence and to feel more confident and radiant in your body and natural sensual nature.

In weekly classes you’ll connect to the special energy of this particular group which will help to ground you and give you important ‘you’ time each week, yet elevate you to the next level within yourself.

I invite you to the Introduction evening on Tuesday 21st January at the beautiful venue, The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen to get an ‘in the body’ experience what these practices can do for you.

For more information about the intro night and the 5 week Immersion Series, go to ‘What’s On?’ .

E-mail me in advance if you want to book your place at the introduction evening…you can bring a friend for free!  And to connect with me if you are interested in 1 of only 8 spots at the 5 week series.

Love to feel your presence there…

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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