The Good Wife’s Guide ~ image from presentation by Professor Lesley Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser to the President, European Commission, International Women’s Day Conference © Professor L. Anne Glover 2014.


Happy International Women’s Day!

This weekend’s focus is definitely on the feminine.

A celebration of all things womanly, of incredible inspiring women changing the world.  As you can see from the tips suggested in a copy of The Good Wife housekeeping magazine (1955) above, things have, thankfully changed.

It’s International Women’s Day on Saturday the 8th of March and today, I attended the International Women’s Day Conference at Aberdeen University and listened to several inspiring women (and two men) share their personal stories, their triumphs and challenges within their career trajectories.

The common theme that emerged from every personal story, was the importance of having a mentor.  Every speaker from The Honourable Lady Wise (real name!) Senator of the College of Justice, to Professor Lesley Anne Glover, Professor of Molecular Biology at Aberdeen University, all had mentors in their lives as well as groups of supportive, encouraging people around them.  And those mentors were not all professionals in their particular field of study, although some were.  They also included fathers, mothers, teachers, colleagues and children. Loving, guiding lights; encouraging supportive people, believing in them and cheering them on.

Those mentors, along with an inspired dream and self-belief, supported these women to reach great heights of success in primarily male dominated industries.

The journey is so much harder and a lot less enjoyable without inspiring mentors & support.  (That’s why I encourage women to support each other, not compete).

The event was dominated by women in academia, science and law, so it was a blessing and an inspiration to hear from world famous solo female percussionist Evelyn Glennie who shared a very inspirational talk on the importance of truly listening to your own journey.

I caught Evelyn for a short chat on multi-disciplinary arts at the end of the conference:

Evelyn Glennie & Jane Cormack, image © Jane Cormack 2014


Evelyn shared how, at the age of 12, her very first musical mentor asked her to FEEL the sound of her drum rather than teach her the traditional way to play.  She demonstrated playing her interpretation of a masculine rhythm and a feminine rhythm, which of course, sounded and felt completely different.

Evelyn emphasised the importance of truly listening to, and staying in integrity with who we really are.  She waited two more years for a record contract after declining a company who wanted to take control of her image and make her more ‘sexy’ to better ‘market’ her and her music.  Here is a woman who has honoured her own values and stayed true to who she really is and her own personal journey in life.  And in sharing her story, she inspires others to do the same.  Here’s a super short video clip of the end of her performance today: Evelyn Glennie

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I hope you find inspiration from the women in your life, be they your mum, sister, daughter or someone famous; inspiring women are everywhere.

Have a wonderful women’s day and a rejuvenating, restful weekend.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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