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Does this scenario sound familiar: a friend is sharing a new experience they had and you really want to ‘get it’ but rather than fully listening and feeling into what that experience was actually like for them, you’re in your own head trying to connect it to a ‘similar’ experience that you had?

It’s natural.  Humans want to connect over shared experiences.  We want to feel and be felt, we want to understand and be understood.  But too often, we attempt this kind of deep connection mentally, through the head, which actually pulls us out of being fully present with another.

Most things, unless we have experienced them for ourselves, stay in the mind as a concept, an idea of what it might or could be like based on the experiences that we’ve already had.

In talking about my The Art of Feminine Presence™  workshops and classes to people, I’ve often been asked questions like:  “Is it like yoga?”, or “It sounds a bit like Tai Chi or this angel healing thing I do.”  So many women are curious, open, and want to relate.  “What is it!?”  “What do we do in class!?”  “I feel so drawn to come but I don’t know what to expect.”

There is the longing for safety, to know in advance, “Will I be pushed out of my comfort zone?” “Who will be there and will I like them!?”

Stepping into the unknown does bring a certain level of anxiety or apprehension for most of us, but taking a leap or just a step into the unknown is also what makes us feel alive, more courageous, confident, powerful and strong.  It’s where the Magic Happens.

Opportunity Awaits You…

I offer an introduction class so that you can come along with your friends for an evening or afternoon to embody these practices in a safe and nurturing space.  Having this ‘in the body’ experience will give you an initial understanding of how The Art of Feminine Presence™ works.  It’s not like yoga, it’s not like Tai Chi…and you can find out more  here: What is The Art of Feminine Presence™? however, to truly understand these practices, they need to be ‘practiced’ in a group, one to one, or via video.

There are still places available at my introduction to The Art of Feminine Presence™ evening tomorrow night, that’s Tuesday, 21st January from 7.15pm-9.45pm at The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen.  Come, connect, enjoy and experience.

If you go to the gym for a one-off vigorous work-out, you might feel great that night, but without regular sessions, your fitness is never going to improve and you won’t notice the benefits of regular workouts.  It’s the same of any foundational practice that supports your vitality,emotional, energetic and physical health and well-being; there needs to be consistent practice over time to see real results.

The Art of Feminine Presence™ 5 Week Immersion series of classes beginning January 28th is designed to support the consistent practice and weekly connection with yourself and others to get the results you’re looking for.  Classes will help you to create a strong, internal foundation that you can always connect to in times of stress and chaos.

So what results are possible from weekly classes?  All details for both the introduction evening and the 5 week series can be found here: What’s On?

Comments, questions?  Start interacting on my new Jane Cormack & The Art of Feminine Presence™ Facebook page and connect with like-minded women, or if you have a personal query, then I’d love to hear from you, just send me an e-mail, ‘Contact Me’.

I welcome you into this nourishing and inspiring sanctuary space…

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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