Guten Tag  Wonderful Women,  (That’s about the extent of my German language skills so far),

This is a little more of an informational e-zine than usual as there’s lots to share but…

First of all, here’s a Berlin beauty boost at dusk from a magical day spent just outside the city >>  Breathe in…..breathe out….



Ahhhh, tranquil peace away from city buzz, so needed and so replenishing!


So let’s get started > There are still a few days left before the early booking discount ends on Saturday February 21st for my Feminine Focus workshop at SchokoFabrik in Berlin (you can still book after that but it will be a little extra).

We gather together with an amazing circle of women (which in and of itself is amazing), for an uplifting yet deeply connecting and powerful experience.  The theme through embodying the power and pleasure of our feminine essence is ‘ Why Learning to Receive More is Vital for the Feminine to Flourish and how Everyone Benefits’ and just a few of the things you’ll learn through receiving are how to >

  • Increase YOUR impact in the lives of those you care about
  • Identify your “blind spots” that potentially push others away
  • Stop stressing & pushing & Increase the ease and flow in your life 
  • Help you attract the quality of love that your heart desires to increase your joy level
  • Stop exhausting yourself and attract, vs chase clients
Get the details and book your place here before February 21st for the early bird discount >> Feminine Focus ~ Why learning to receive more is vital for the feminine to flourish and how EVERYONE benefits.


And if you can’t attend in person because you’re not here, then worry not!  You can still work with me online from anywhere in the world.

I’m offering two coaching programmes for women with a slightly different focus.  You’ll see the two images at the top:

rosecard3Feminine Focus Online is a private coaching programme for women who want to learn how to embody the power and pleasure of their feminine essence.  Women who want to feel more comfortable with their sensuality, feel confident, radiant, relaxed with their femininity, more connected to and understanding of their feminine bodies and in love with their relationships and life (and of course so much more) 

CLICK HERE for all the details, what you will receive, what to expect, prices or to dive in and buy now.




smallJaneFeminineArtReceivingONLINEFeminine Art of Receiving Online is for women who are either over-givers, giving and giving without allowing themselves to receive and eventually burning out, or women who hold back on giving their gifts, sharing their opinions, ideas, businesses and love for a multitude of reasons which we uncover during the coaching programme.  

CLICK HERE for all the details, what you will receive, what to expect, prices or to dive in and buy now.





Each programme is tailored specifically for you and we focus on the energy of upliftment, joy and fertile abundance.

Client testimonial after our first Feminine Focus Online session>

Thank you for that amazing and powerful session.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.  Oh boy am I still integrating!  I feel as if I have stepped into another world.  Everything feels different. ~ L. Porter, California

Dive straight into the programme or you can begin with an Individual Starter Session to find out if this is a right fit for you.

And, I’m looking forward to sharing some new and exciting changes with you all over the next couple of months including a new website and new look!  So stay tuned-in!

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love from Berlin, Germany,

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