Are you an organised, structured, controlled sort of woman?  Or a go with the flow, don’t like to plan anything kinda gal?  Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle?  

This weeks Rhythmic Inspiration is about whether your framework supports your flow…in this video you will learn what this means and how I was inspired by a piece of spontaneous art I did at the weekend to create this theme.
I followed an urge and began the painting without any idea of what I would do, no planning or expectations.  It really is about just BEGINNING!  AND, it doesn’t require a lot of time..(I think I spent around 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoon)…it’s all about what you feel whilst in the moment and the ideas and messages that emerge whilst you’re doing it!

Watch the video to learn:

  • Why it’s important to create a framework to support your feminine flow
  • What  ‘Framework’ and ‘Flow’ represent
  • Why either/or is not enough and how you can have both
  • How to integrate this collection of wonderful words to weave together ~ Structure, Framework, Foundations, Support, Strength, Building Blocks, Holding Net ~ Flowing, Organic, Movement, Intuitive, Water, Spontaneous, Being, Vessel, Love.

Go ahead and watch the video here:



Here are some tips on creating a framework to support your flow:

  • First of all, get clear about what you want to create next…this could be an idea you want to work on, a project you want to create, something small or something HUGE, it matters not!
  • What kind of platform do you want to create for yourself?  An on-line platform perhaps in the form of a website or blog page?  The foundations of a music album?….Whatever your idea is, there is a framework that you can create that will support you in sharing what you want to share?  If you want to offer a workshop, look at realistic dates and venues, what will the framework of the workshop be?  The point is that you are creating something that has space for movement and spontaneity within it.
  • Second, get a large piece of paper and begin creating a framework that feels good to you, like a time-line.  Draw it out like a calendar, write your intentions in the calendar.  
  • Ask your self, ‘What kind of framework is going to support my feminine flow?’

Flowering Methodics



The Feminine Art of Listening – Connecting Nature & Creativity 2012 
Upcoming Events! >>> In this weeks video, you will also hear me talk about our upcoming workshop retreat in The Netherlands with my good friend and collaborator Marielle van Dop.  This workshop ‘The Feminine Art of Listening – Connecting Nature & Creativity’ will take place from 13-15th of July in Friesland (north of Holland).  I’ll be sending further details about this event as well as our Edinburgh retreat on 28th & 29th July very soon.


What Structures and Framework have you created in your life that you feel supports your dreams, ideas and feminine, intuitive flow?  I’d love to know….leave a comment on my blogpage here.

Tools of Creative Expression are a powerful and transformational way to help support you, release tensions, cultivate clarity and express what is going on on a deeper level for you.  As well as have a lot of FUN!

Happy frameworking!

Until next time……...Keep Creating,