(sensual feminine goddesses ~ that’s not me in the pic on the left btw, just in-case you thought it was!)


I’ve been enriching my feminine essence this month.  

I’ve just become the very first certified The Art of Feminine Presence™ teacher in Scotland having completed my teacher training in Amsterdam.

And although I’ve already been working with the feminine essence for some time now through projects such as ‘The Feminine Art of Listening’, I wanted to deepen and really ground and fully embody this aspect into my life and work.

I truly believe that understanding, embodying and practicing feminine presence will change your life.  It has for me and countless others.

Feminine Presence

We can all be present or not present in any given situation.

When you are present, you are fully there, in the moment, in your body, listening intently with all your attention in the now.

When you are not present, you may be thinking about what you’re going to do later, why your partner didn’t put the butter away in the fridge that morning or wanting to leave to go to your next appointment.

You’re not listening, not really present, SO not in your body and already, energetically, you’ve moved on to the next thing.

We’ve all been in a conversation with someone who is not present (feels like a big waste of time and energy!) AND we’ve all been not present to someone else in a conversation.

On any given day you can be present more in your masculine energy, your feminine energy, or somewhere in between, in a neutral state.

Being femininely present, that is in your feminine energy, is a very powerful and joyful place to be and THIS is where the magic happens.

I’ve been consciously activating and being in my feminine presence with deep awareness and wow, do I feel good!  (And no, you need not be naked like the sensual goddess images above to be in your magnetic feminine presence!)

Having strong feminine presence makes you magnetic to attracting opportunities, abundance, relationships and to life itself.  Developing your feminine presence allows you to walk into any room and attract the attention you want.  You become a woman of substance.

When you learn The Art of Feminine Presence™, you become more radiant, grounded, emotionally and energetically strong, you experience more pleasure in your body, enjoy your natural sensuality and magnetism which also = effortless sexiness and SO much more.

I’m so exited to bring this work into my current creative practice and to begin sharing the deep and lasting changes it can have in so many aspects of our lives as women.

I’ll keep you informed of when and where new classes and workshops begin this summer.

until then, Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love


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