It's Time to Shine!


Are you over hiding and holding back?  Are you more than ready to shine?

Most of us have had the experience of what it feels like to really shine at some point in our lives.  It’s that feeling when your heart is wide open, you’re smiling from within, outwardly you’re glowing and you feel as though anything is possible. You are powerful, beautiful, soft and strong and other people can see you, I mean really see you for all that you know you are.  It’s like a light has been turned on inside and everyone (and everything!) is attracted by your brightness.

When you walk into a room, you light it up and people turn their heads.

They think “There’s something incredible and magical about that woman and I want to know her”.

It’s not so much about the way you physically look, there’s something magnetic and mysterious about you that goes way deeper that your outward appearance.

Do you remember those moments when you felt like you were really shining?  How good did you feel?  Pretty great I imagine!

Tall Poppy Syndrome

In a field of beautiful poppies, if some grow too big, they get chopped down to stay at the same level as all the others. This has come to be known as ‘Tall Poppy’ syndrome.  (Especially prevalent in the UK & Australia).

We learn, as we move through life, to hide and to become afraid to shine and show ourselves.  Society teaches us that it’s not good to ‘outshine’ others and show our brilliance and that if we do dare to, we will get chopped down like the tall poppies.  So we develop shyness, lack of confidence or fear from too many years of hiding our true nature.

Now it’s time for women to learn to be each others biggest and brightest supporters, cheering each other on when we see a brave soul step out and claim her worth.  We learn that competition between women actually damages our ability to be courageous enough to shine and that being witnessed by other beautiful women is unbelievably powerful in our progression to show up fully in life.

Be Your Radiant Self

This weekend I’m holding a Radiant Woman workshop in Edinburgh where you will learn how to turn your radiance (your light) on when you want to.  You’ll be reminded of what it feels like to shine.  You’ll experience what it’s like to be seen and appreciated for who you really are in a supportive, nourishing environment whilst learning how to create strong and healthy boundaries.  You’ll learn about the power inherent in your feminine side and why you’ll want to spend MUCH more time in it after this experience.

It’s time to SHINE!

Follow this link to find further details: and to book your place.

Love to see you there…

And, just so you know, I’m not abandoning the creative ‘art’ side of Rhythm In Colour which you’ve been used to seeing from me. Working with feminine essence and presence as well as creative expression are intrinsically entwined.  So stay connected to see what creative feminine mysteries evolve.

until then, Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love


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