The Key to Your Inner Universe


I feel different.  Deeply transformed.  Since I began listening and awakening the creative and forgotten powers of the feminine within me, I feel that I have accessed the keys to the universe.  These keys lie inside of every woman.

All of the feminine presence, feminine essence, feminine listening work I do and teach have a foundation.  The foundation is within you.  The activation points to your deepest feminine essence are within your body, not somewhere outside of you, in someone else’s body, or out there in the universe.

The keys to your power, your creation potential, your thriving intimate relationships, your abundance, your purpose, your creative expression in the world; can be found and accessed via certain potent ‘key’ points in your body.  The keys to your personal presence and magnetism, your strength, your passion, your confidence, the fertile ground in which seeds flourish into the fruits of your life;  your set of keys are deep within your feminine essence.

There are doorways opening for women around the world as individuals and groups find their lost set of keys (they are always where we originally left them).  Behind the door, women are uncovering countless treasures that they had forgotten were there.

In my workshops, I help you to find your lost keys and to open the door to uncover the forgotten powers of the feminine that are waiting for you to use.

These keys open the door to your transformation as a woman.

I want you to find them.  I want you to discover what’s behind the door.

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And unlock your feminine power and potential.

When you find where your set of keys are, you’ll never lose them again….

with Love


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