You are a woman, therefore you have an inherent magical nature.  

If this message is reaching you then you are a woman of the earth, you are a woman connected to your spirit.

‘This is Me’ ~ Magical, Soulful, Mysterious,
Powerful, Colourful, Wild Woman ~ 
© Jane Cormack 2006

Woman are mysterious, intriguing and intuitive; women can have visions that span this lifetime.

Women create, we sense, we know.

Women have a tender heart.

Women hear the calling of the wild, of nature, animals and the whispers or strong voices of our soul.

Women are magical.

Women have impulses…

Women also have to-do lists; endless ones!  Sometimes to-do lists can be the killer to following our natural impulses.

Women are knowing, sensitive creatures whose natural creativity can be subdued by over domesticity, by rigidity, by ignoring a joyful impulse to go somewhere, call someone, write something or to not film something (which was my impulse today).

Doubt is another killer of impulse, here’s a very simple example of that: you get the impulse to give away some clothing you haven’t worn in months to a girlfriend, you imagine her wearing your clothes and how happy she would be to receive them, it feels good; THEN you begin to doubt and question your initial impulse because you think, “Well I might wear them again sometime, they are such good quality”.  So you change your mind and don’t give your friend the clothes which remain unworn in your wardrobe for another year and your friend spends money she doesn’t have on a new outfit for a job interview.  Simple.  Our impulses, if we follow them, can be gifts to the world or to our wonderful friends.
Part of the magical, mysterious nature of women is our ability to follow those impulses because when we do, we get the best of what the universe has to give that day.

It takes trust to follow our impulses because we don’t understand them until after we have taken the action to follow them.  Impulses are like inspired action; we feel it, then we follow it.

When we cultivate our courage and deep self-trust, we can reach a point when we follow our impulses without questions.  We KNOW that in doing so, the best of what we want that day will come to us; a good lunch, a new connection, extra money ~ whatever it may be.
So mysterious, magical woman of the earth….Listen to your impulse today, follow it and watch what magic may unfold.

Let us know what following your impulse led you to today by leaving a comment on the blog below this post ~ in doing so, you’ll inspire others to follow their impulse too.
Keep Creating & Connecting and following your impulses…with Love from Maarssen, HollandJane