The Mystery of the Feminine ~ Kanchanaburi, Thailand…©Jane Cormack, 2013.

“The Mystery of the Divine Feminine is Limitless”*

I love this quote, it’s so true.

There are limitless expressions of the feminine essence and energy.  And what’s great is how every women expresses her feminine essence in a unique way.

So my question for you this week is…

How do you relate to your feminine essence?  What does it mean to you?

10 years ago if you talked about being feminine and in your feminine essence, the image many people conjure in their minds was one of a woman with flowing hair wearing a long, flowery dress and floating through life in an ethereal, fairy-like manner.

This image might represent 1% of the limitless nature of the feminine.

Although I do enjoy wearing the occasional long floaty dress, that image does not represent what it means to be in and express my feminine essence.  There are a multitude of ways we can relate to our femininity and the vast spectrum of women out there show it.

My femininity can be expressed through my spontaneous creative expression.  It can be expressed in the way I dress with attention to colour and style and accessories to beautify my outward appearance.  I experience pleasure in creatively expressing myself through what I wear.

The aspect of playing with colour, texture and beauty is a wonderful part of expressing your feminine essence and yet connecting to your feminine goes way deeper than that.

What’s underneath?

There are multiple layers within the feminine as the quote at the top of the page suggests ~ “The Mystery of the Feminine is Limitless”.

When your feminine essence is switched on, so is your personal magnetism and your inner radiance.  Your ability to listen to and follow your inner guidance is magnified ten-fold and your connection to your body and natural sensual nature is acutely enhanced.

The question is, do you feel comfortable or not expressing your feminine side?  

What does that look like to  you?

Aspects of your feminine nature could be expressed in your environment.  Colourful curtains, art on the walls, a vase of flowers in the corner of the room.  When these things catch your eye, they have a subtle way of bringing you back into your feminine essence.

Being ‘in’ your feminine is also about trust; trust in your own intuitive nature whilst being aware of the flow of life; what is coming to you?  Are you open to receive it?

Being in your feminine essence is just as much about turning on the protective, fierce and feisty, ‘on a mission’, driven warrior woman as it is being soft, open, nurturing and receptive.

There are so many different ways we can be in and express our feminine essence.

Start to think about the different ways that you relate to your own feminine essence and leave a comment on the blog below this post, tell us what being in your feminine essence means to you…

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I look forward to sharing the unfolding mystery with you…

until then, Keep Creating & Connecting…

with Love

* Isha Lerner Enterprises, Triple Goddess Cards.


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