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There is still a myth around feminine power ~ a misconception around the truth of what feminine power looks and feels like.

The word ‘power’ when connected to ‘woman’ often conjures the image of a feisty, mouthy, pushy, loud, driven, emasculated woman.  Someone a bit scary who’s going to be totally blunt and tell you exactly what her opinion is.  But the most gentle and quietest of women can also be powerful.

I wanted to address the ‘old’ paradigm and the ‘new’ paradigm view on what owning your ‘feminine’ power means and why I teach how to activate and access this power through my workshops and classes.  Watch the video below to find out:

There are still many women who are scared of their own power.  They don’t know how to access it or how to use it in healthy, loving ways because no one ever taught them.  I wasn’t taught either, until I started learning it for myself and seeking out women who could support me.

If we don’t own that power, then we give it away.  This potent energy has to go somewhere and if we don’t learn how to be comfortable with our power, then there are multiple ways to unconsciously dissipate it (waiting for permission from others, needing approval, sex, food, shopping etc).

This focus on activating and accessing your feminine power is part of the foundation of every workshop and class I currently teach regardless of the theme.  (So although the theme for my next workshop on Sunday 25th May is ‘Conscious Beauty’, the foundational practices I share support you to tap into this amazing source of ‘feminine’ power that we all have).

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And, if you’re local (in the UK somewhere!), then I invite you to join my next Feminine Focus workshop on the theme of ‘Conscious Beauty’ on Sunday 25th of May at The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen.  Remember, the early bird booking discount of only £45 ends 9pm, this Friday, May 16th.

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