Have you ever had the feeling that you’re walking on thin ice?

I know I have.  It’s that fly by the seat of your pants, ‘I wonder if I’ll make it to the other side’, catching your flight with one minute to spare kind of feeling.

I’m currently visiting my friend and The Feminine Art of Listening Collaborator, Marielle van Dop in Friesland, The Netherlands.  And in practicing the feminine art of listening, I was inspired by the wisdom and message from nature.

Yesterday, whilst on a winter walk with Bizou (who you’ll hear barking in the video!), Marielle encouraged me to walk into the middle of the deep canal that runs through the town!  (Click on the under 1.30 min video above to see me moon-walking on the canal!).

I wanted reassurance that the ice was thick enough to hold me, (and Marielle, the dog and two other boys clearing the snow!).  Knowing there was a potentially life-threatening, cold, dark, deep body of water underneath the surface, I wanted to find out whether I’d fall right through or not.  I wanted to feel safe, to feel held, supported and on solid ground.

Sometimes the ice is so thick and solid, it seems like nothing could break it and sometimes it’s not solid enough to hold the weight of what needs to be held.  When is it okay to skate over the surface? And when is it necessary to wait until there are more solid foundations?

To create this safe, held, supportive and nurturing environment in groups and in the presence of other people, it’s vital to be grounded and rooted to our own internal source and in our physical body.  We need to cultivate strong foundations if we want to be a guiding light for others so that they feel supported in our presence.

I want to encourage you to think about this message from nature and how you can apply it to your own life within the groups you find yourself in at work and with family and friends.

What do you need to cultivate so that you can BE the grounded, safe container for others and most importantly for yourself?

Leave a comment below and share your wisdom.



And on this note, I also want to let you all know that i’ll be returning to my homelands of Scotland this month to cultivate my own deep roots.  I’m really looking forward to creating and connecting with you there again from my own solid ground.


…with Much Love from Friesland, Holland,