Community, Connection and Creativity ~ These are three elements that are part of the foundations of Rhythm In Colour.

These three elements are also part of what many people in the world are now longing for; to experience and feel a close community of like-minded people around us, to create deeper and more meaningful connections with others and to express more creatively whilst living a creative life.

The Ring of Brodgar ~ Orkney
Whilst visiting the Orkney Islands this weekend, I went to the famous Ring of Brodgar Standing Stones Circle.  The Circle dates back to Neolithic times (4000-4,500 years ago).  The Ring is thought to have been used for ceremonies, feasting, commemorating the dead and as a gathering place for the community.

It was natural in ancient times to gather together in a sacred space to celebrate, dance, play music, feast and connect with family and friends in the community and to honour those who have passed on.

Watch this week’s video to learn:

  • why we need to gather together in creative circles
  • what the best reason for gathering is and why there need be no other
  • the connection between our ancient ancestors rituals and community gatherings and Rhythm In Colour

Watch the video here:


And as promised last week, I said I’d share more about my short-term (?) move to Holland and what inspired my upcoming move there…I filmed this video on the ferry to the Orkney Islands ~ more wind in the hair!!


As ever, I’d love to hear your comments, ideas, musings, challenges and joys based on this week’s subject of Community, Connection and Creativity so do leave a comment on the blog here because we all want to know… What YOU share helps everyone else too! (it really does you know).

Keep Creating & Connecting and gathering in communities of like-minded souls


…with Love