Has anything or anyone actually inspired you into silence?

There are two things that naturally and regularly inspire me into silence:

  • nature
  • my feminine cycle

Nature offer’s it’s sweet opportunity to return to what is important (simplicity, silence, you) and today that opportunity came with the snowfall and the natural sound buffer it creates.

Nature calls on us to listen to our own inner rhythm and to honour it regardless of what other people or society in general are doing at the time.  It can be challenging to be clear and strong enough to listen to you first, over all the other voices crying out for your attention.

Our feminine cycle and natural rhythm is often the gift that calls us home, back into our own body and being.  It’s the onset of our cycle  that often demands for silence, for inward listening and for nurturance.

From this place of silence inside ourselves, we can remove the ‘what we think we want’ obstacles to ‘what my soul truly desires’ longing.

Woman + Nature = Deep Listening = Powerful Being

Take a walk with me in the snow by clicking on the video below.

And ask you’re self two questions ~

  • What do I need to stop doing that is not working anymore?
  • What do I want now, to truly be the person I want to be?
Watch the video to find out more…


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…with Much Love from Holland,