Bountiful Earth ~ from seed to fertile blossom


Summer beckons;
to feel free, to be outside, to re-assess, to retreat and to relax.

Summer brings its beauty and bounty, life is fertile, abundant, open, bright ~ it is luscious as nature comes to bloom and shares its scents, design, colour and pollen in full glory.

Our feminine bodies also begin to bloom, relax, open and soften during the summer months when the air is warmer, the days are longer and we see and feel a fertile and bountiful earth on display. Little sparks of pleasure and joy pulse through our system, lifting and lighting as our senses let in sprinkles of delicate flowers, bushes heavy with fuchsia, trees laden with cones of nuts, long swaying grasses and lush green, green everywhere!

Our pace of life slows down (if we let it) as the temperature rises.  Yet it can also feel like there’s an abundance of time.

Have you noticed that people become more open, relaxed and friendly when the sun shines?  (Especially in places where it doesn’t shine so often).

When a woman’s body relaxes and softens, she also becomes more open, not only physically but energetically.  Her heart and her energy become more open as well.  And therefore more receptive.

The Sunlight Meditation

Notice how open and receptive you are in your body over the next couple of weeks and how the warmth of the sun (if you have it where you are) might soften you if you let it.

Try ‘The Sunlight Meditation’ and take advantage of the summer sun to relax your body and feel more open, it’s super simple:

Face the sun as you sit or walk outside and breathe it in through your nose and as you breathe out; imagine it flowing through you, following your breath, like liquid sunshine, through your whole body.Whether you do this for one minute or fifteen, you can feel the sun bringing its warmth, vitality, light (and vitamin D!) to brighten your body and revive your soul.


We have wound up workshops and classes during the last two weeks as my ladies head off on various summer holidays.

And at the end of this week I’m returning to my ‘second home’ in Holland where I plan to go into my own personal writers retreat for a few weeks and soak in some liquid sunshine.

Dawn, who attended our Feminine Focus workshop on July 6th, sent me this creative image of herself a few days after the workshop; she looks so radiant!:

Keep a look out for new workshops and classes in late summer ~ learn to shine your radiant self like the ball of light you are.

And I’ll send you some summer lovin’ from Holland!

Wishing you nutritious food for your body, heart and soul in the form of summer sun, abundance and true rest.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting…

with Love


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