Nature and our immediate environment can teach us so much; if only we notice and listen to what those whispers of guidance say.

This week’s news is arriving late in your inbox (I’m sorry if you’ve been waiting to read the inspiring message this week!) ~ I decided not to take my computer to the tiny island of Iona (because we couldn’t take the car there and had limited carrying space!) but here I am, computer at my fingertips once more on the island of Mull, ready to share what emerged on this week’s journey:

Iona is a tiny island south of the island of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, an archipelago on the west coast of Scotland.  It really is a stunning environment with crystal blue water and white sand beaches.  If it wasn’t for the grey clouds, drizzle and whipping winds, you’d think I was on a Greek Island somewhere!

I’m standing on the edge of a cliff in strong winds to demonstrate why it’s vital to stay flexible.

So watch the video this week to learn:

  • What inspires my video’s ideas from week to week
  • Why having a flexible approach to life makes EVERYTHING easier
  • What we can learn simply by observing our natural environment
  • Why it’s good to be like Bamboo and Grass

Watch the video right here:

Life can change as quickly as the direction of the wind.  There’s not a whole lot we can do to be prepared for that, apart from….having an attitude of flexibility.

So that’s why staying flexible in our approach to life it vital.  We need to be flexible in the way we think, in our businesses, in our finances, in our relationships, in our living situations and in our opinions.  If we are too rigid in our approach to life then we snap when something unexpected happens.

Staying physically flexible is a great starting point to bring the attitude of flexibility into our lives.  Doing yoga is a way that I love to stay physically flexible….what do you do to keep your body strong and flexible?

Staying flexible actually helps us to be more relaxed because we trust that whatever decision needs to be made in the moment, we are flexible enough to go with it instead of going into fear.

So, be like bamboo, stick your roots firmly in earth and bend and flow (the feminine way) with what pops up in your life!

Do you find it difficult to be flexible?  Do you like things the way you like them? Do you fear change and the ‘unknown’?  Would you like to learn to be more flexible?  Leave a comment on the below and let us know!

From the Inner Hebrides in Scotland,

Keep Creating & Connecting….

with Love