The Language of Animals – Connecting With Animal Wisdom Guided Audio Visual Journey & Workbook


Easily and instantly download this beautiful, guided visual journey with music plus a mini Workbook (print and digital versions) to help you connect to and understand the essence of animals that are currently close to you. Animals often appear in our lives (whether physically or in dreams, symbols etc) to share their wisdom through their being and energy; we can gain personal insights from them that support us through different life circumstances. 

Take this visual journey today to welcome in and learn from the rich world of animal wisdom.


Visual Journeys

Guided visual journeys are a powerful tool to journey into other realms and stretch the imagination.  Through visualising and imagining, we experience what it feels like to be in a different place and become aware of new possibilities for our lives.  We tap into higher and deeper realms of consciousness within ourselves and the universe while receiving guidance and insights pertinent to our own experience of life.

The Language of Animals – Connecting with Animal Wisdom Guided Visual Journey & Mini Workbook

Animals have incredible wisdom to share with us through their essence and example and often appear through our dreams or they can show up repeatedly in our day to day lives.  This could be in the form of images of the animal on magazines, on TV, on bags, jewellery or clothing or of course a live animal; the animal can make its presence known in all of these ways, including hearing someone else talk about it or even seeing its name written somewhere.

We all have the natural ability to communicate with animals but many people have become disconnected from nature, which includes animals or have simply forgotten how to listen.

In this guided audio visual journey, you will be guided to meet with the animal/s that is present in your life right now and receive the wisdom it has to share with you.

In receiving the message from your animal at this time, you will

  • deepen awareness of the power of animal communication
  • understand how to communicate with animal wisdom
  • receive guidance for what you need in your life right now
  • receive deeper awareness of your true nature
  • develop an intuitive connection with the natural world and animals
  • notice again and again when animals appear to share their wisdom at different stages of life

Connecting with Animal Wisdom Visual Journey includes:

  • One 15 minute downloadable audio MP3 file with music. (Music credit to Gods of the New Age for ‘The Shining Path & Places In Between).
  • Connecting with Animal Wisdom Mini Workbook PDF to download and complete (both digital and printable versions).

You will learn to focus attention and learn from the natural world, in this case, the beautiful and wise animals of our planet.





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