3 Steps to Fulfillment…Really!?  

Surely it takes a lot more than 3 steps? You may ask.

These are the 3 basic foundations.  If you don’t cultivate these (i.e, practice them!), then you don’t get the results (like most things).

I’ll tell you the 3 steps now..they are:

  • Listen
  • Trust  
  • Move
The title may sound a bit ‘final’ as though we take the 3 steps and that’s us fulfilled forever; but the ‘3 Steps to Fulfillment’, are steps that we need to take moment by moment and day by day.

I want to add one more important disclaimer to these steps and it’s this: when you make the choice to ‘move’ and take inspired action, you might discover that you moved in the ‘wrong’ direction…however you will never know that until you make the move to experience what it feels like to go there.  You have the choice to change your mind and re-align yourself in the direction you do want to move in.

Watch this week’s video to learn:

  • Why the steps go in this order
  • The kind of listening I’m talking about
  • What it takes to really trust yourself
  • Why leaps of faith and stepping into the unknown feel so ALIVE

Watch the video below:


Where our guidance leads us is where we want to be.  TRUST That.

As ever, I’d love to hear your comments, ideas, musings, challenges and joys based on this week’s subject of 3 steps to fulfillment, so do leave a comment below on the blog because we all want to know… What YOU share helps everyone else too! (it really does you know).

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…with Love from Maarssen, Holland