Why Connecting to Nature first thing in the morning will set you up for the day!

Welcome to the second week of my new weekly Rhythmic Inspiration!  Each week I’ll be post valuable information, tools, tips or practices to help you connect to your self more deeply, know your true creative source, your femininity and HONOUR who you are and how you are.  AND how expressing more of who you are through creativity can help you gain clarity, energy and inspiration for your business, your work, your relationships and your life.

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In today’s Rhythmic News I’ve shot a a video for you at beautiful Findhorn Bay on why it’s important to ‘Begin Your Day the Natural Way’  ~ The very beginning of your day, before the thoughts, responsibilities, work, family or friends enter your time and space, is THE most important time to give yourself to connect to yourself.  It’s a new day for you to begin in a new way; any way that you choose.

So starting the day by connecting to yourself, is giving yourself, self-love.  Or to say it another way, giving yourself love first so that you are full for giving to others during your day.  In this video I’ll share a number of ways that you can do this (look out for the curious dog mid-way through!).

In this video I share with you:

  • What Beginning your day the Natural Way means
  • The Benefits Connecting to Nature has in your Work, Ideas and Inspiration
  • Tools and Practices that will Help you Connect to Yourself First 

Click the Video to Watch Now:

I’d love to hear from you
  • WHERE you go this week to connect to nature
  • WHAT you do when you’re there
  • HOW this FUELS your creativity and affects your day

Here’s an extra, short, inspiring idea to do if you go to the beach~ you’ll see my shadow showing you a fun practice!

Watch it here:

Pebble Sculpture

So leave a comment below the video, or on our Facebook Page (link below) or send me an image of what you might have felt inspired to create whilst in nature…and I’ll post it on my website or the next Rhythmic Inspiration News!

May you connect with and know your most Natural YOU…

Until next time…Keep Creating,


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