Happy New Year Prosperous Women!

How are you going to begin 2013?

January and the New Year is a potent time to get clear about what you want to experience this year.  It represents new beginnings, vast potential and is the perfect time to go inward to listen deeply to what is currently moving within you.

So what do you want to happen?  What kind of experiences do you want to have?  Do you have a focus?

If not, then getting clear is the first priority.  I want to remind you of the 50% discount on ‘The Creative Detox’ online course which ends on Sunday the 6th of January.  There’s still time to purchase the entire home study course for half the normal cost and THIS is the time to do it.

Watch the short video I made on New Years Day in the magical city of Bruges in Belgium for more on why NOW is the time to do The Creative Detox (and to see the pretty city!):

Letting Go

It’s usual to do a nutritional detox this time of year to cleanse our bodies from the ‘chaos’ of the previous month but it’s just as important to release what is not serving us anymore on a physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic level as well; I recommend doing a nutritional detox alongside ‘The Creative Detox’ course for optimum results!

Without clarity and focus, we waste time and energy that could be used SO much more productively creating a sustainable, joy-filled and abundant future for ourselves and our communities.  That is what I wish for you this year.

Learn more here:  THE CREATIVE DETOX ~ 50% discount until January 6th ~ you pay $97 now or $194 from 7th January.


Deepening Your Wisdom

The ‘Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’ is also now available in the Rhythm In Colour store.  For only $47, you will receive this beautiful visual journey meditation compilation with accompanying ‘Deepening Your Journey’ exercises which include journeys on ‘Grounding Your Roots’, ‘Colour Saturation’, and ‘Connecting with Animal Wisdom’.  Learn more about deepening your wisdom here: THE DEEPENING YOUR WISDOM MEDITATION KIT


What do you want to experience this year?  Leave a comment below ~ We all LOVE to expand what’s possible for ourselves by hearing the visions of others!


Keep Creating & Keep Connecting,

with much love from Bruges in Belgium,

Happy Happy New Year!