On Sunday, I guided a group of women to build a vision for what they want in their life whilst I built my own.  

We then collectively helped to hold our individual visions for each other.  It gives me so much joy and pleasure to connect so deeply and truthfully with women I have met for the first time.  And what a fun, creative, deep and heart-connecting day we shared!

Watch a little snippet from our inspiring day here:

It’s important to have a vision in at least some areas of your life, if not all of them.  What’s equally as important is to do something to embody it in a concrete way.  Just thinking about it isn’t enough.  You want to see it.  And when you begin to express it, the more detail reveals itself to you.  If we allow it, our vision can just keep unfolding from there with no limitations, other than those we place on ourselves.

Creating a vision board has been a popular way of manifesting the life we dream of for some time.  But there are a lot of other elements missing from just making a vision board, some of which we explored in our group on Sunday.  I want to share more with you about this new project when it’s fully unfolded.  Until then, here is a simple starter exercise to help focus your vision:

Note ~ Focus only on what you want, NOT on what you don’t want or what is not working in your life.  Focus on What You Want.


Before you start visualising the life you dream of, you need to be grateful for what you already have.  So step one is to write in your journal ALL of the things you feel grateful for in your life.  Once you start, sometimes it’s hard to stop, so just keep the flow going for as long as you like.  There are so many things to feel grateful for, like, great legs, supportive friends, your garden, freedom, your children, your awesome yoga teacher….and on and on and on!

  • Begin by focussing your attention on ONE area of your life that you’d like to make changes in, or enhance.  This could be your home environment, your relationships, your work, your health or leisure.
  • When you’ve decided on that ONE area, sit in a quiet, comfortable place by yourself, close your eyes and begin to connect to how you want to feel, e.g., if it’s relationships, then how do you want to feel in the presence of others and how do you want them to feel in your presence?
  • Begin to visualise what that looks like to you, so if it’s relationships, then who are the people you are spending time with? Do they look joyful and happy? Or if it’s home, then what surroundings do you see?  What do you want in your home?
  • When you feel complete with your visualisation, get some paper, paints, magazines, photos, glue, scissors and coloured pens…and begin to express that vision with the materials you choose.  Create a collage using the colours you saw, symbols, plans, words, even textures or fabrics; go into as much details as you like
  • Write in your journal, how you felt during your vision building and holding and pin your art somewhere you will see it
  • Make a cup of tea and let life magically unfold

What vision do you have for your life? Leave a comment below this post and let us know how you get on with this simple starter exercise ~ in doing so, you’ll inspire others to share their visions too.

Keep Creating & Connecting… 

…with Love from The Netherlands


In Rhythm In Colour events we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and express more of your creative self.  You’ll find out what magic feels like when you do!  I’ll keep you posted as to any new public events coming up.