Dear Multi-Creative Woman!

Happy Easter All!  I love this time of year; the days are longer and brighter, nature is waking up and colour is emerging all around us; I especially love the bright yellow colour of spring daffodils and the gorse bushes here in Scotland that emit the glorious smell of coconut when the sun warms their flowers.

Today, I’m sending you written Rhythmic Inspiration rather than a video.  I love to write and express in this way too.

How Big is your Creative Tool Kit?

In fact, I see creative expression as tools and often I choose the ‘tool’ that will express what I want to express in that moment, in the best possible way.  Sometimes that is video, sometimes writing, or painting with colour, dancing, design, music, cooking, singing, performing, or sometimes it’s simply dressing in my own unique creative way giving attention to colour,style, texture and jewellery.

How do you enjoy expressing yourself creatively?  

There are no rules to say that once you are a writer and have worked as a writer, that you must stay a writer.  Creative expression is expansive and has no limitations.  Yes, if you want to be a better writer then you will need to practice and hone the skill of writing.  But what I’ve found is that all creative expressive forms support each other and enhance as well as stimulate new inspiration and connection in all other areas.

If writing doesn’t say what you want to say in that moment, then try video instead, or painting.  Perhaps what you want to express calls for something more visual, something that contains colour, shape and form.  Perhaps your expression calls for your body to move, to feel your rhythm and connect with your physicality.  Perhaps it calls for detailed work and the creation of something beautiful like a piece of jewellery.


If you’re stuck at your writing desk or sick of the sight of your canvas or graphics on your computer screen, then try your hand at something else for a while.  You may only need 10 minutes, 2 hours, 3 days or you may find it’s something you want to continue with to enhance and support all of your creative endeavors.  When we break out of routine or the idea that because we are professionally a writer or a dressmaker, a carpenter or musician that we have to stick to that medium; then new forms of creative inspiration open up to help create depth and richness in our originally chosen creative fields.

Do something unusual to shake up your Creative Juice!

Try some of these ideas and tools to get your creative juices flowing and add to your creative tool kit:

  • Take a huge piece of paper and write with paint and colour using a toothbrush!
  • Start the day dancing to your favourite music or turn up at a new dance class
  • Design and make a piece of jewellery you’d like to wear
  • Choose some fabric for a clothing design and imagine what it might look like
  • Write a poem or a song and if you can’t play an instrument, get together with friends who can and create something together
  • Develop an idea for a short video or documentary that can visually express a message you want to share

What new Creative media will you try this week to open and inspire your work and creativity?

I want to know:

  • What creative media you chose to play with
  • How this helped, supported or enhanced your work

Rhythm In Colour support women to find and connect with their own inner rhythm, unique expression and their inner source through creative ‘tools’ of colour, art, music, writing, movement, dance, breath and voice as well as nature connection.  We support women to open their hearts, be spontaneous, go deep, be courageous and find what it is they want, right now, using these marvellous, expressive tools.

My Creative Tool Kit includes:
  • Jewellery Design and making
  • Handbag design and making
  • Dressmaking
  • Song writing
  • Poetry writing
  • Fiction writing
  • Journalism
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Slow Deliberate Intuitive Movement
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Workshop Creation
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Sculpture
What’s in your Creative Tool Kit?

So leave a comment below the video, or on our Facebook Page (link below) and let me what you did this week to creatively expand yourself….and I’ll post it on my website or the next Rhythmic Inspiration News!

Happy Multi-Creating!

Until next time…Keep Creating,


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