Hello Rhythmic Goddesses,

Real alignment to BE-ing and DO-ing what is true for us takes regular check-in’s to find out where we are at AND course correcting along the way.

Which means doing the following three things:

  • reviewing
  • renewing
  • refreshing
I’m going to spend time over the holidays and new year doing these three things to re-align myself in my business and life.  Reviewing where we are at in the different areas of our life is important so that we can make course corrections and re-align ourselves with where we really want to be heading.  (See my blog post and video ‘Life Inventory‘ for more information on this subject).  (And if you haven’t heard, it’s the end of the Mayan Calendar which signifies a time of great change on the planet.  So you will be fully supported by the powerful energies at play AND other people who are stepping up to make changes right now that align to their real truth).  We can then renew and refresh ourselves and our message and services to reflect the inner changes that have happened for us; for example I’ll be upgrading the content and information available to you on my website (although it will still look the same).
What will you do to review, renew and refresh yourself over the holidays?  And in which areas of your life will you do these things?  Maybe in all of them?  Or perhaps your health needs reviewing and refreshing or your wardrobe doesn’t reflect the you you now want to be?
Deepening Your Wisdom
I also want to introduce you to my new ‘The Deepening Your Wisdom Meditation Kit’ now available in the Rhythm In Colour store.  For only $47, you will receive this beautiful visual journey meditation compilation with accompanying ‘Deepening Your Journey’ exercises which include journeys on ‘Grounding Your Roots’, ‘Colour Saturation’, and ‘Connecting with Animal Wisdom’.  Learn more about deepening your wisdom here: THE DEEPENING YOUR WISDOM MEDITATION KIT

And of course to remind you of the 50% introductory discount to The Creative Detox online course (home-study programme) which runs out on the 6th of January 2013.  Learn more here:  THE CREATIVE DETOX

Christmas Lovin’

There will be no Rhythmic Inspiration news next week over Christmas as it’s time to rest, relax and be in the magic of the season.  I’ll be spending Christmas here in Holland for the first time with my lovely man!  Yay!

So on that note, I want to wish you all a wonderful, magical, heart-centred and luxuriously relaxing time over Christmas and New Year…give yourself these gifts and more!
Thank you for joining me on this colourful journey this year; next year is going to be even more AMAZING ~ just a feelin’!
…with Much Love from Holland