Hi Gifted Ones,

How are you going to give the greatest gifts to your friends and family this Christmas?

What are the Greatest Gifts You Give?

Are you gonna get them a new iPad or iPhone, or perhaps a spa treatment, a beautiful dress or a trip to Paris!?

Mmmm, all of those things would be lovely to give or receive but if you’ve got a lot of friends and family, then things can start to get expensive!

I just got back from a four day long Heart Summit near Amsterdam last night.  This event is the product of Christian Pankhurst who teaches Heart Intelligence.

In this week’s video I share with you  the greatest gifts I received from attending the Heart Summit and how you can give these simple and free gifts to your friends and family this Christmas.

Watch the video below ~


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Keep Creating & Connecting and giving your greatest gifts…

…with love from Holland,



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