Hoi Beautiful Woman, (That’s Dutch for Hi btw!)

Have you found your tribe yet?  Your people?  Your soul family?

OMG! I found my tribe!

In the video today I share a personal story of an encounter I had last week that lit me up and reminded me of the importance of finding and connecting with my ‘people’.

Who are my people?  Who are yours?

They are the people who love what you love, the people who get exited about the same things and who share a similar path.

But we need to be open enough to accept the opportunities when they arise, to recognise them and to trust ourselves and our intuition enough to say YES!

That’s what I did last Wednesday, so watch the video to see what happened and why I look so flabbergasted!

I hope it inspires you to trust what feels good in the moment and to say YES to life:


As always, love to hear your voices, so leave a comment on the blog below ~ have you found your tribe yet?  Are you sharing what you love?

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Keep Creating & Connecting,

with love

from Holland,


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