We’re talking about #Trust in our Language of the Feminine community this month, which is a deep and vast topic! (I love those).

Honing it in, we’re focusing on trust specifically related to trusting intuition and our inner voice, trusting the timing of our lives and the universe, trusting our body and rhythms and trust in sisterhood.

Trust affects the choices we make in life, moreover, it affects our confidence in who we are.

This month, I had the pleasure of talking with my dear friend, Health, Wellness & Self-Love Author, Coach & Explorer, Faith Canter on the topic of Trust. Faith is an amazing woman who has experienced an incredible journey of transformation in her life.

In our conversation on Trust, we talk about:

• The things we do to distract ourselves
• Faiths incredible journey from trusting nothing and no one to teaching other people to listen to their hearts
• How Faith went from a life lived from her head (and the struggles of this) to living a heart-led life being herself – happy, harmonious, inspired and creative
• How not to give yourself a hard time
• Regaining trust in the wisdom of your body and the signals to listen to
• Shifting thinking in relationship to illness – there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you
• Listening to your own inner compass and guidance – body indications for deciding on YES and NO
• Your body Knows
• Coming back to our natural state
• Signs that you’re spending too much time in your head
• Living a less conflicted life
• What you can do to bring yourself from head to heart and learn to trust yourself more

Watch the video below:

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About Faith:
Faith is a nutritional, fermenting and detox specialist, who also focuses on self-love and living more from the heart than head. Faith is also qualified in a whole heap of other modalities, from meditation and yoga to reflexology and flower remedies.
Faith herself, has come from a background of self-hate, self-loathing and chronic illness, like ME/CFS, depression, OCD and Insomnia to living a life she loves and in a body she adores!
Faith teaches you to listen and connect with your own body, nature and life once more. Finding peace within and on your path in this World.

Learn more about Faith’s work:

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Photo credits > headshot image: Valeska von Muhldorfer, © 2015-2018

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