The Sun Sets in Florida and the final days of 2013...image by Jane Cormack 2013.


When we start to count our blessings over 2013, that’s when we see how many there really were…
Over the course of a year…sometimes I forget where I’ve been or what I’ve even been doing!  But when I start to write it all down…I smile at the many blessings, achievements, simple grace-filled moments, challenges, dark days, heart connections and joys that have filled my year.

I like this time of year; moments taken to reflect, to remember, to feel grateful, to look at the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met.

The time from Christmas to New Years feels like an in-between place to be for many people…and on top of that, here I sit at Philadelphia airport, in-between a Family Christmas holiday in Florida and returning to Europe.  I’m in-between countries as well as Christmas and the ‘end’ of a year, which is the perfect place to be to reflect.

What Happens When We Count Our Blessings

Blessings come in so many sizes and forms and often, we do not see the blessing until later, until it’s integrated into our lives, until we ‘get’ the gift in it.

A subtle integration happens underneath the busy-ness of our daily lives.  These continual integrations are the kernels of our experiences ‘feeding’ our inner source, the light-filled core within ourselves that is ‘fed’ and grows brighter with each connection we make, with each challenge we face, with each blessing we acknowledge; we grow into the magnificent beings we always were.

I’ve noticed this with the feminine essence work I’ve been teaching.  Some exercises are so simple and profound, that there is an instant ‘ah-ha’, yet the more I’ve been doing the exercises and teaching them, the deeper they are integrated within me and the women who join the class, into the very cells of our physical bodies and into the core of our being.  It can benefit you in the same way…and more.

New Classes in 2014

On Tuesday 21st January I’ll be holding an introduction evening to The Art of Feminine Presence™ in Aberdeen.  This is the perfect opportunity for you and a friend (who can come for Free!) to experience how The Art of Feminine Presence™ can change the way you ‘do life’, simply by embodying the practices.  You’ll also create new, real friendships with like-minded women (very valuable!).

The first five week course will begin on Tuesday evenings from the 28th of January, 7.15pm -9.45pm at The Yoga Spot in Aberdeen. There are only 8 spots available for this course to keep the circle intimate and for everyone to have the space and attention they need.  So, if you’ve already come to a workshop or intro evening and you know you want to continue or if you just know you want to join us, whether or not you’ve been to any events, then contact me to book your spot now. Further details will be added on the  ‘What’s On?’ page on the site.

This is a perfect opportunity to begin your year focussing on creating a strong foundation within your body, increasing your personal presence and magnetism to attract what you truly want this year and learning to love being in the body that you have.

Contact me with any questions or queries you have about the upcoming course…and I’ll look forward to connecting with you in 2014.

Until next time,

Keep Creating and Connecting and Counting the many blessings in your life…

And Have a Very Very Happy New Year and transition into 2014!!

with Love


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